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Galaxy to host Real Madrid at Home Depot Center in early August

Real Madrid Galaxy (Reuters)

Real Madrid is coming back to the United States, and once again they will pay a visit to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The recently-crowned La Liga champions will battle Los Angeles at the Home Depot Center on Aug. 2 as part of the 2012 World Football Challenge, the Galaxy announced Monday. The match will mark the teams' third meeting in as many years, with Real Madrid having claimed a 3-2 win at the Rose Bowl in 2010 and a 4-1 victory last summer at the LA Coliseum.

The game, which should feature the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Iker Casillas, is sandwiched in between a pair of difficult fixtures for Los Angeles. The Galaxy are scheduled to play Western Conference foes FC Dallas on July 28 and the Seattle Sounders on Aug. 5.

What do you think of Real Madrid facing the Galaxy again? Planning on attending? Wondering how Los Angeles plans to approach this game?

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  1. kaka thinks rev joel ostein from houston is all watered down, and that his Baby Jesus knows all the big tele-preachers have always come from Dallas. thats where he’s going (i’m a heathen, btw)

  2. These international friendlies are a waste of time at this stage of MLS. It’s time to win league games and stop the insane showcasing of International teams. Who cares really?

  3. 2010: LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid – 90000+ packed into the Rose Bowl

    2011: LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid – only 56000 at the LA Mausoleum

    2012: LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid – about 30000 seats available at the Depot, and one should expect good seats to be available to the walk-up crowd…

    This is getting old, and tired…

  4. A good christian boy like Kaka won’t go play in your den of heathens!

    Houston will pull off the coup and sign him in the summer.


    /daydream mode

  5. And it’s certainly a joke to have meaningless friendlies during our season. Does la liga want MLS teams to play them some midweek game in early march? Nope I think not

  6. you mean, will Kaka show? he’ll be in a galaxy shirt by then, with Donovan in Mexico or London (in another uniform)

  7. In reality the most interesting thing to do when these teams come to play is to not go to the matches, which are usually lame, but go the practices the day before, which are very interesting.

  8. Well, I picked the wrong season to *finally* commit to following the Galaxy like a real fan after years of fickle fair-weather interest. With the way this season is going, I’m guessing this will mean that Arena sits the starters for Dallas and Seattle, and we’ll still lose. But don’t worry, it’ll still be too soon to panic.

  9. LA will probably rest all of their starters for the Dallas and Seattle games. With the way things are going, that friendly may be all they have to play for by August 2nd.


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