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Agudelo traded to Chivas USA for Pearce, allocation money

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New York Red Bulls forward Juan Agudelo has been traded to Chivas USA for defender Heath Pearce, allocation money, and other considerations, Fox Soccer reported on Thursday.

The Red Bulls will receive what sources told Fox Soccer is a "significant amount of allocation money" as well as having Chivas USA pay a portion of Pearce's salary. The Red Bulls also secured a portion of any future transfer fee Chivas USA would generate from a future sale of Agudelo.

Agudelo became expendable after the emergence of Kenny Cooper as a viable forward alongside Thierry Henry, and trading him has bolstered the Red Bulls defense with the addition of one of the best fullbacks in MLS. Pearce should slide into the starting lineup at left back, where he should replace the inconsistent and injury prone Roy Miller.

The Red Bulls have also secured a big chunk of money to help the team go after more players this summer. The team still has an available Designated Player slot.

The trade is a big boost for Chivas USA, which adds a marketable young star and a forward who could help boost a struggling offense. The deal also reunites Agudelo with former Red Bulls teammate and mentor Juan Pablo Angel.

Agudelo and Pearce won't have to wait long to see their former clubs. The Red Bulls and Chivas USA play at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday.

What do you think of this deal? Happy with what the Red Bulls received for Agudelo? Think the Red Bulls are crazy for trading away a young star?

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  1. For Chivas this is a good deal as Agudelo will be getting some good service and set up from Nick LaBrocca and NYRB needed the D and got that with Pearce. Just a good trade.

  2. I”m not a Red Bulls fan, but this is a great deal. With Pearce, they fill a need and probably have the better player. To top it off, they get the allocation cash which they’ll use to bring in a 3rd DP.

    Down the road — after Henry has retired, they might miss Agudelo. On the other hand, they’ll probably sign some other DP striker…so, they’ll survive that.

  3. What has Agudelo done, in all seriousness, that gives everyone such faith he will blossom into something special?

  4. or if they don’t work a stadium deal in the near future. Orlando, Vegas, and San Diego will probably win MLS cups before Red Bulls too.

  5. Fantastic. For me, there are no more reasons to watch the Red Bulls, and I am suddenly interested in Chivas USA. It will be great to see Agudelo get some playing time!

  6. He didn’t work out.
    Truly, he was lost out there with RB. Not his fault at all. I know the RBNY front office takes heat for losing him, but keeping him was throwing good money after bad. Stings a little that he killed for DC right away, but in the end, it wasn’t working. Plus, he’s kind of a second-tier DP, when you’re looking at the likes of Del Piero.
    But I’ll say it again.

  7. No kidding. If an exciting young attacking player is on the move, I can tell you where he is not going: Houston. Sad day.

  8. Hes 27… yikes. my fault i guess he only plays old.

    I’ll give him a chance though. I guess more of corey hertzog in the US open cup… make of that what you will.

  9. AZ didn’t play 6 million euros or whatever Jozy left MLS for. You want Agudelo to leave MLS for a low ball fee like AZ paid Villarreal???

  10. Who wouldn’t like San Diego? I think you meant that as a jab but I can’t see anything negative about Chivas moving to San Diego from a player’s perspective.

  11. It didn’t work out for Villareal but ask AZ Alkmaar how it is working out for them? He was a pure scorer for them, and scored many of them in big league games. Now if Juan becomes a Freddy Adu………

  12. After reading all these comments, I don’t think people understand the “real” reason for the trade… The Red Bulls get a quality defender (which they NEED) and allocation money so they can obtain a better DP (they have a DP spot left even with Marquez). It is as simple as that. They want to bring in a player from overseas to play up front. So, that makes Agudelo, who has been on the bench or hurt, expendable. So, this trade benefits both and makes total sense for both.

  13. As long as Cooper keeps scoring, it’s a good deal for RBNY. You’re all excited about JA, but the main thing is to get H*lgersson off the field.

  14. Agudelo made $55K base/$85K guaranteed last year. Luke Rodgers made twice what he did! That’s less than Houston was paying such offensive illuminaries as Watson, Weaver, Sarkodie, Clark, Carr, and Bruin. For what he is, he is incredibly cheap. So cheap that he is not some big cap piece that frees up scads of room to play with, which is surely why NY insisted on allocations and god knows what else besides Pearce. Agudelo is so cheap that the move basically means they either just had to get him out of town, had to have a back, or are looking for allocation to make another shoe drop.


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