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Klinsmann to call in as many as 29 for May USMNT training camp

Klinsmann (Reuters Pictures)

It is nearing the time for Jurgen Klinsmann to call upon the players who he thinks can get the U.S. national team's World Cup qualifying campaign started off on the right foot, but it appears that there will be a degree of on-field competition before the U.S. manager narrows down his final roster.

Klinsmann will call upon as many as 29 players for a training camp to be held in Orlando from May 15-24 before picking a 23-man roster for friendlies against Scotland, Brazil and Canada and World Cup qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala, according to U.S. Soccer.

In a Q&A session that Klinsmann hosted on the U.S. Soccer official Twitter account Tuesday, he also said that the first wave of players, mostly European-based, would be revealed on May 15. The second wave, comprised of mostly MLS-based players, will be unveiled May 20, a day after a full slate of MLS matches save for a game on the 20th between Portland and Chicago.

What do you think of the approach? Who are some of the players you want to see get included in camp?

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  1. Davies can’t get on the field for a team that may shortly be relegated. His playing career is in mothballs or rather formaldehyde.

    DMB is currently doing very well for Puebla. His playing career is alive and well.

    The two do not belong in the same sentence when the topic is possibly playing for the USMNT in the next five games.

  2. “I could be wrong, but I think a lot of the hate directed at Beckerman (and Jermaine Jones) is not really personal, but comes from just a few hard-core fans of a defensive midfielder who also competing for a USMNT slot.”

    You are right about being wrong.

    Beckerman has excelled for the US sitting in front of the back four, shielding our questionable center backs.

    MB90, a more versatile player, in his time for JK has excelled playing other roles.
    There is no reason both can’t be on the field at the same time.

    You are also wrong about JK not caring about the fans. He logs onto SBI and is greatly influenced by what people post here.

    Bob Bradley did not and look where he is now. What more proof do you need?

  3. “Which kind of parallels my point. ”

    Not really.

    My only point about the U-23s is that they were not together long enough to really know what to do when adversity struck. El Salvador was more together as a unit and deserved to advance.

    You are wrong if you think Wondo does not have the skills necessary to be a striker for the US.

    He and Gomez, for that matter, have got more than enough skill. Their problem is the US has been set up for a long time now for Landon and Dempsey to be the scorers.

    Wondo and Herc have both had limited chances and in my view have done well with the time allotted to them. Unfortunately they haven’t scored when it matters. There is no reason to think they would not if they get extended runs in the team. However, getting them that time is problematical.

    They do not have the skill set to replace the target man Jozy

    They don’t have the skill set to replace Landon, who should be dropped for this upcoming series of games (non –performance and in need of a wakeup call)

    Guess who they do have the skill set to replace?

    That is why JK keeps an eye on both because they are the only likely replacements ( behind a fit Landon) should Clint ever get hurt.

    JK , who should know better than either of us, clearly thinks Wondo and Gomez have the skill or he wouldn’t bother with them at all.

  4. 29 is a lot of players for camp.

    But yet – there doesn’t seem to be a speed burner in the forward pool? Am I missing someone?

  5. oh i thought about it alright. but then i thought about I-95 on Memorial Day weekend. i’d rather pay for a plane ticket. haha

  6. Whoever makes the roster….Memorial Day Weekend…..why not spend it at the beach and take in the game against Scotland? You can get tickets for less then $30! Big supporters party planned for Friday night in the bar area in Jax Beach. If you dont stay downtown…there will be buses that will take you from the bar at the beach in the morning to the pre-game tail gates and game and back to the beach party zone after the match.

    So…your memorial day weekend could look like:
    1- come into town
    2- hit the beach, party on sum rum drinks
    3- as the sun goes down the supporters party kicks off and pub crawl as needed
    4- “sleep”
    5- hydrate while making your way to the party bus
    6- reach the tailgate where you fill up on hotdogs, burgers, etc
    7- sing the national anthem (a must on any memorial day with likely Navy fighter jet fly overs)
    8- Watch America win
    9- make way back to party bus
    10- arrive back at the beaches in time for fun and crawls with your new group of USMNT fans while making fun of anyone still waring kilts

    Memorial Day Weekend road trip to watch the USMNT in FL….think about it….

  7. That is true but if we call him up he can do his one time switch to the United States and play in the future friendliest and qualifiers for the United States. And 23-24 is not young in football he’s been playing consistently with his club in the Championship so he has a lot of experience he just doesn’t have much experience with the international level in which USA can transform his game into our system.

  8. Except he like Twellman suddenly can’t get open enough to poach internationally. He got callups including Gold Cup and was 0-fer. Case closed.

  9. Your forward line is reminiscent of what got BB fired after Gold Cup. I am calling Davies out of the wilderness before I am going to a meaningful game with Sapong or Wondo around.

  10. It seems likes it’s the same thing every time- just about everyone says no Adu. I’m pretty sure everyone posting here has seen him in action when he puts on the US kit.. I’d be very surprised if Adu didn’t at least get a call up… (He’s ok for club/Rocks For Country!!!) Let’s go you Yanks!

  11. Johnson is stained by the U23s til further notice. Whitbread can’t even stay healthy for Norwich. Adu is over his head.

  12. Sigh, dude. Clark won a recent game. ‘Nother planet from Bornstein, Kljestan, or Rogers, the inexplicable usual suspects. Clark at least has some “good tape” where you’re like, this version of the player, if consistent, would be useful….I think he’s better than Beckerman at that level in the DM pecking order….behind Jones Edu Bradley et al. though.

  13. All due respect but Spector was on the playoff bench for Birmingham first leg at which point I don’t care if they get promoted (shouldn’t matter anyway because I’m looking for a player, not a team) or he plays well as a 20 minute sub.

    Also, Zusi and Pontius are attackers and Spector a defender. There is no way Spector beats out the DM logjam, which means it’s apples and oranges.

    I don’t think a one of them deserves it.

  14. Favoring performances in mls over more competitive leagues (ie EPL) is not a good measure of “loving” the mls. It is just thinking irrationally.

  15. Amen. This is big boy time. This is when if you need a fill-in you consider pulling experienced players like Davies or Beasley out of mothballs. You don’t give young punks the steering wheel in qualifying. That’s what Camp Cupcake and/or the last two years were for.

    When we’ve clinched advancement to the hex THEN you bring in the unproven hotshot and give them a run out. Or there’s the Gold Cup or Copa America.


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