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Messi, Argentina to hold public training session at Red Bull Arena

Argentina Messi (Getty Images)

One of the world's best players is making a stop at Red Bull Arena this summer.

Leo Messi and Argentina will hold an open training session at Red Bull Arena on June 7, two days before the albiceleste are scheduled to take on archrivals Brazil in a friendly at MetLife Stadium. The session is free to New York Red Bulls season ticket holders, but tickets will need to be purchased otherwise.

Messi might be the star attraction for the training session, but there should be no shortage of talent on the field that day. Players like Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero and Javier Mascherano could also be in attendance as they prepare for the game against Brazil, which sold out in just over three weeks, making it the fast-selling soccer game in U.S. history.

What do you think of Messi and Argentina coming to train at Red Bull Arena? Planning on going? Expecting a bigger crowd than is the norm at Red Bulls' games?

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  1. nowhere did I accuse drenthe of lying. I wouldn’t do that without knowing anything about him or the situation. just like I wouldn’t accuse anyone of racism without knowing anything about him or the situation.

  2. I don’t agree with the demonizing of Messi, but for you to say that the race card is overused is patently ridiculous. I’d be willing to bet that most incidents are not even reported. I’ve been subjected to racism several times in my life, and for the most part I’ve found that it’s easier to just move on rather than make a big thing about it. That still does not make it acceptable.

  3. well, there probably is some good logic here because there is no doubt having Brazil play only once on the east coast would demand a sell out crowd. but i think you are underestimating DC. livingsocial released a deal yesterday for $57 Club Level tickets. they sold 6,478 in ONE day. i bought two.

    before that deal, i was unwilling to pay $80 for nose bleeds. tickets at the Club Level are up to $150 MINIMUM right now. people were just not willing to pay that much. but with this deal it makes it worth it. hence 6,478 tickets in ONE day.

  4. dude come on, Messi is from Argentina and in South America it is common to say “negro”. i doubt he is racist, but i doubt Drenthe is lying about something that is well documented about South Americans. Drenthe also went on to say both Higuain and Heinze would call M. Diarra that too until he told them it’s extremely offensive and they aren’t in Argentina.

  5. what really disgusts me is people rushing to judge someone over hearsay.

    how do you know drenthe is telling the truth? were you there? did you read messi’s lips? or are you just looking for an excuse to hate?

  6. its here say by one of many black players that overuse the race card. Its an accusation, not a conviction… kindly f*** off

  7. USSF in their infinite wisdom decided to use FedEX field for the U.S. V Brasil game a few days earlier than Argentina V Brasil at Met Life. Which by the way the US V Brasil game has only sold 45,000 tickets. The US V Brasil game should have been located in Chicago farther enough away from New Jersey that both games could be a sell-out. We all know that there are more Brasil fans than US fans at those games, so now FedEX will be half empty because most Brasil fans in that area would rather go see Brasil V Argentina. I am guessing that by game time the US V Brasil game will have around 55,000 to 60,000 fans at FedEX which holds 80,000. A very good crowd for a USMNT game, but it could have been better if they would have put that game at a stadium further away from New Jersey.

  8. Of course, now that it has been revealed Messi is a racist, he’s going to play in NY. Keepin’ it classy as always NY and the energy drinks

  9. sadly this will probably draw better than most red bulls games. I’m serious, i think they might sell the arena out


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