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Mid-Day Ticker: Barton banned 12 games, Chelsea’s Lucas bid rejected & more

Barton (Getty Images)

Joey Barton is paying a hefty price for his actions during Queens Park Rangers' season finale against Manchester City.

Barton was fined £75,000 and banned eight games on top of the four he had already accrued for being sent off for violent conduct and for already having been sent off before during the season. As a result, he will miss the first 12 matches of the 2012-2013 campaign.

Barton kicked Sergio Aguero and delivered a headbutt to Vincent Kompany after being sent off for elbowing Carlos Tevez in the second half of QPR's 3-2 loss to City.

"There are rules of conduct that should be adhered to, and such behaviour tarnishes the image of football in this country, particularly as this match was the pinnacle of the domestic season and watched by millions around the globe," the chairman of an independent regulatory committee wrote in a statement distributed by the FA.

Here are a few more stories to keep your Wednesday rolling:


European champions Chelsea are trying to inject some youth to their midfield, but it will take a better offer than what they presented to Sao Paulo to pry young midfielder Lucas Moura from the Brazilian club.

Chelsea's offer of £32.4 million for the 19-year-old Olympic hopeful, who already has 11 caps to his name, was rejected by Sao Paulo. Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid are all reported to be after Lucas' services, according to the club's president. U.S. national team fans can get a glimpse of Lucas next Wednesday, as he is on Mano Menezes' roster for Brazil's friendly against the Americans at FedEx Field. 


Newcastle are not standing pat after a season in which the club finished fifth in the Premier League and nearly made their way to an improbable place in the Champions League. The Magpies have signed 22-year-old French midfielder Romain Amalfitano on a free transfer from Ligue 2 side Reims, a move that will go through when his contract expires next month.

Amalfitano is the younger brother of Marseille's Morgan Amalfitano, and he follows in the steps of countrymen Hatem Ben Arfa and Yohan Cabaye in joining Newcastle.


Norwich City manager Paul Lambert's name is a hot one in the coaching market, with Aston Villa and Liverpool both reported to be after the Canaries boss. Lambert, however, is fine where he is.

Lambert refuted any reports that he is looking to move to a bigger club and pledged himself to Norwich with an eye on building next season's squad.

"I am delighted I am at Norwich," Lambert told Sky Sports. "I have never said I wanted away, and people jump to conclusions. I am trying to prepare Norwich for next season the best I can."


What do you think of the punishment handed down to Barton? Think it was deserved? Think Sao Paulo should have accepted Chelsea's massive bid for Lucas? Do you think Newcastle was a one-year wonder, or do you see the Magpies contending again in 2012-2013? Do you think Lambert ultimately will be coaching at Norwich City next season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Punch is a bit strong for what happened there. Even the slow-motion just shows a hand up in Barton’s face, yes. A bit of a kick-out also. But none of it really all that bad. And obviously nothing compared to the reaction.

  2. Because Barton is slow, stupid and clumsy.

    Tevez, a clever, if chickes**t ,little bas***d knows Barton’s rep and played him perfectly.

    I mean c’mon,everyone in the stadium could see the wooden gears turning in his thick head “well I’m gone so I have to take one with me; let’s kick this guy”.

  3. apparently sao paulo has some strong stuff to smoke because they’re insane for rejecting that much money for a 19 year old who has yet to prove himself outside of brasil. major talent? yes. worth 40m+ Euro? nope.

  4. Further evidence that the MLS financial structure is light years ahead of Europe. Parity and financial stability will see MLS join (and maybe surpass) some of the big 3-4 Euro leagues in entertainment (which is different than overall player quality).

  5. Newcastle aren’t in the UCL??

    Speaking of guys named Lucas, I wonder if Lucas Leiva will be as good as he was before the injury. Liverpool might have been a pretty good team if they had his midfield presence.

  6. Barton to me is truly the discipline problem that people want to make out Jones and others to be, except they aren’t really. Actual thug who if he ever had the idea of coming here wouldn’t even make immigration.

    He’s lucky he didn’t single handedly send down QPR.

  7. 32 million pounds for an unproven player. Wow just Wow. Ridiculous money being thrown around for some of these players. Brasil’s economy is on a boom, so I wouldn’t expect many young Brasilians being sold these next few years. Looks like to me Brasil wants to get back to having their best players stay in Brasil. It’s going to take absurd’s amount of money for these brasilian club’s to sell now.

  8. So I guess Chelsea will be spending a shite load of money this summer since they won the Champions League. Should be interesting to see how the new coach is going to manage these expensive, young players and integrate them with the likes of Lampard, Cole, Terry, and Essien…


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