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MNT In Scotland: Carlos Bocanegra (Part 2)


  1. Something I have never understood is why Bocanegro was released by Fulham. He seemingly did well for them, scored a lot of goals from defense, was club captain for a time and was still under 30. Anyone care to elaborate, did they not rate him any longer, had they brought in much better defenders (I would think not as only hangledand has ever really impressed) or did Boca want out himself?

    (SBI-This is another case of the terminology in England not translating well to the USA. In the EPL, any player who plays out his contract and moves on is technically released by his club, even if the club wanted to re-sign that player. Fulham wanted to re-sign Bocanegra but he was not interested in a new deal. He wanted to move on and test new waters. This ultimately led to him being benched late in his final season before he left for France. Make no mistake, just like Villa and Guzan, Fulham wanted Bocanegra to stay.)

  2. This was an incredibly well produced piece. Loved every minute of it. Wish it was longer. Wish all of them were longer.

  3. HAHAHA the picture on the USMNT blog in front of the White House is cracking me up. Wondo, Corona, Jones, Herc, Castillo and Edu’s faces are awesome.


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