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Must-See Goal: Kevin Venegas



  1. I like both of those scenarios, however unlikely they may be. In any case, soccer is definitely growing in popularity in this country. Seems like every major metropolitan area wants a professional team. Good times in the USA and Canada.

  2. yeah i agree. i never thought a 20 team cap was a good idea. too many good markets to stop there. honestly though, if the league were to get to two 15 team divisions (or split up however), i think it makes the pro/rel idea even more realistic.

    because you essentially build up the league and fan support among 30-40 teams and then you have enough teams with solid supporters (assuming MLS continues to grow, which i have to assume as a fan of soccer in this country) who would stick with the club if MLS sent the 10-15 worse teams into “MLS2”. that could be one way to “birth” pro/rel here in MLS.

    personally, i don’t really care so much about that. but i would like to see a single table with the team finishing in 1st crowned the champ. and then the playoffs be another Cup for the teams who had the best regular season finishes. that way the league is still “American” while crowning the champ in a “traditional” soccer way.

  3. the stars play in blaine, about 12 miles north of downtown minneapolis. we had 8400 inside at the home opener in the metrodome, but usually do around 2000 up in blaine. people always use the distance as an excuse not to come. its a fantastic facility, surrounded by 50+ fields. 20 minute drive from downtown mpls or st paul.

  4. As long as MLS remains a conference league, e.g. no single table, capping at 20 teams is rather arbitrary. There are still solid, untapped markets in the US and Canada (Minneapolis, central Florida, San Diego, Alberta, etc).

    I’d rather see pro/rel, but I’m more likely to see Jesus on my toast.

  5. honestly, pretty irrelevant now based on Garber’s newest comments. the Vikings have included in their new stadium deal to have an MLS team be a part of the stadium. and Garber said he can’t imagine not having a team in Minnesota and that stopping at 20 teams in a country as big as ours (not to mention Canada) is likely not realistic. pretty interesting comments considering all we have heard is 20 teams is the limit.

  6. The Stars have scored a few sick golazos this season. You can check them out on their website or the NASL website.

    (Love the funky jam by the way!)


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