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Must-See Goal: Lee Nguyen


  1. Nguyen-ing!

    Couldn’t help my self.

    D A M N!

    Wish he was playing CAM or RW for FC Dallas 96

  2. He’s doing well, Nguyen… Really has been a bright spot & a reason why NE’s doing better than last season

  3. LOL, I was hoping someone would mention that. I’m probably the only Asian (filipino) you’ll ever meet whose name is Tyrone. That’s part of the reason people find it easy to remember (well, besides my movie star looks).

  4. That was clean. So we got Lin in basketball, Nguyen in soccer, we know the Asian influence in baseball, and there was that one dude that played LB for the Cowboys, no go for hockey (at least from my knowledge, oh wait, Setoguchi). Is it sad when I can name most of the Asian players in most American sports on one hand (yes, I know this is a bit of an exaggeration)? I tried to make my mark as a football player, probably picked the wrong sport, but hey, at least I played in college, right?!


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