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Ream set for biggest game of his life

TimReam (Getty)

When the final day of the English Premier League season kicks off on Sunday, no American player will be playing in a more important match than Tim Ream.

The former New York Red Bulls centerback and U.S. national team defender is about to cap a strong first half season in England by playing in a match that will determine whether his club, Bolton, stays in the Premier League or is relegated to the League Championship.

The Trotters need to win, and have Queens Park Rangers lose to title favorites Manchester City, to avoid relegation. It is a scenario that has a good chance of playing out, but Ream and Bolton must still do the work of winning on the road at Stoke City.

Ream discusses what's on the line, as well as discussing his 2011 struggles and what it has been like playing in one of the world's top leagues, in my new Fox Soccer feature on Ream.

One of the topics Ream discussed with me that didn't make it into the story was comparing the quality of the Premier League to the quality in MLS.

"There are international quality players at every position on every team, whether it’s the top of the table or the bottom of the table,” Ream said of the Premier League. “There are plenty of guys in MLS that could make the jump and play here and get time here. The difference is there are four, five or six guys on each team who are that good (in MLS), where here all 11 guys are international quality."

Give my Fox Soccer story on Ream a read and let us know what you think about his first season in the Premier League. Has Ream surpassed your expectations for how he would do in England? Think Bolton will get the job done on Sunday?

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  1. There is a real shortage of good center backs in the EPL these days.

    If Bolton survive and Ream continues his current rate of improvment, he will be in line for a move to a big club in a year or two.

    In fact, it’s possible Ream may get to a Champions league club before Clint does.

  2. Article on SkySports today singles out Ream as being the bright spot in a bad Bolton defense. From what I’ve seen the English media generally think he’s coped well in a tough spot.

  3. What are you talking about? There are 200+ national teams in the world, most of them not very good. The worst player in the Premier League is good enough to start for the majority of national teams.

  4. He’s been solid for a struggling Bolton squad. The club has been able to put itself in a position where they can potentially avoid the drop – before Ream arrived, and not that it is because of him, Bolton were mired in the bottom three. He’s given something to the cause for the Trotters, but will they pull it off, it’s a long road to hoe at this point but luckily their competition for relegation plays Citeh. Good luck with that, QPR.

    Up the Wanderers!!!

  5. I watched him play last week, honestly I was pleasantly suprised. He certainly did not look out of his depth, and he made a huge block late in the second half. He looked Prem capable to me.

  6. It is to be expected from a young defender in his first season in the EPL, particularly on a team with as many problems as Bolton. Hopefully the trials of this season make the next a lot easier, whether it be in the Championship or the EPL.

  7. “There are international quality players at every position on every team, whether it’s the top of the table or the bottom of the table,” Ream said

    Not even close.

  8. Not to take anything away from Bolton’s relegation match, but Tottenham and an American named Brad Friedel are playing for a shot at Champions League.

  9. Um I’m sorry but i think the biggest game he ever played in was the Emirates Cup game vs Arsenal… obviously

  10. Going to be one of the more memorable final fixture dates (hopefully) in recent memory. Always nice when the the title race is still going the final day.

    Hope Ream & Co. can help the team stay up. Would be great for the Nats to have him and a heathly Stu playing in the BPL next year.


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