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Report: Galaxy’s Saunders in substance abuse treatment program




Josh Saunders' absence from the Los Angeles Galaxy lineup was sudden, and it appears that the club may be without their No. 1 goalkeeper for the foreseeable future. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Galaxy keeper has checked into a substance abuse treatment program and will be unavailable for the Galaxy until he completes the program.

A team spokesman declined comment on Tuesday afternoon.

Following the club's training session on Tuesday morning, head coach Bruce Arena reiterated that Saunders was still out for "personal reasons" and that the club was taking his absence "one day at a time." Back-up goalkeeper Bill Gaudette appeared to be the likely starter while Saunders is out.

Saunders, 31, is coming off a career season in which he wrestled the starting job from Donovan Ricketts en route to helping lead the Galaxy to the MLS Cup title. 


  1. “He drinks! He drives! He endangers people’s lives! Josh Saunders! Josh Saunders!”

    C’mon Seattle!

  2. Seattle invented not denying that they claim to invent a lot of things but getting butthurt about rain levels

  3. dude, get off it. we don’t even know why he is there. sharlie joseph had to go through this because he got caught smoking a J. the dude was fine and in control of his life, but because he’s a professional athlete and signed a CBA, he still has to do this program.

    quaranta is probably one person who actually NEEDED the treatment as he was a cocaine and opiates addict. i highly doubt saunders is anywhere near that level.

  4. Because only a “fair weather” soccer fan wouldnt know who the back up goalkeeper is for the LA Galaxy. Is if really so inconceivable that someone wouldnt know the former goalie of an NASL team?

  5. Yes, I’m sure he specifically needs YOUR thoughts… Get off the high horse buddy, we know it’s a serious issue but there’s nothing wrong with playful jokes.

  6. Wishing Josh Saunders all the best.

    When he was playing for the Puerto Rico Islanders, he like Bill Gaudette was a very pleasant guy who appreciated all of the love that the fans had for him.

    “One day at a time” is right.

  7. Substance abuse is ALWAYS a way of coping with something we don’t think we can handle otherwise. Some people can walk away from the substance and some people can’t. It’s a life long battle for those that can’t.

    Take it one day at a time Josh! I’ve never routed for you before, but I certainly am now.

  8. i love how all that seattle has to brag about is winning against chicago in meaningless games lol…do something in the MLS, then talk sounders


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