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A look at MLS’ best and worst values

JohnMarquez (Getty Images)

When the MLS Players Union released its list of player salaries on Friday, there were plenty of names next to number figures that caused some eyebrows to raise and jaws to drop. There are the productive players who would appear to be grossly underpaid like Red Bulls rookie Ryan Meara ($33,750), FC Dallas defender George John ($47,250) and Chicago Fire playmaker Sebastian Grazzini ($50,400) on one end of the spectrum, and then those not exactly pulling their weight like Toronto FC defenders Richard Eckerlsey ($390,000) and Miguel Aceval ($199,086) on the other.

The salary list yields opportunity for endless analysis regarding which teams are most creative with their cap space, and which could be a bit more prudent in their spending. Fox Soccer explored one of those possibilities by taking a look at the Best XI and Worst XI in terms of teams getting returns on their investments.

Give the story a read and let us know what you think. Who would make your Best and Worst MLS Salary XIs? Which players are outperforming their salaries? Which ones could be doing a bit more to justify their price tag?

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  1. George John is not signing any multiyear contract with an MLS team. He has his sights set on overseas contract as a FA. No nonsense with exorbitant MLS transfer fees to deal with. He is taking a hit this year for the promise of more money in Europe somewhere…

  2. Agree with the others who are surprised no mention of Rafa as a worst value – I mean that is pretty generally accepted. Also, as far as Sarkodie being a worst value, isnt he on a Generation Adidas contract so his salary doesnt go against the salary cap and Adidas pays some of it?

  3. JRP said: “But the problem is the salary cap won’t allow a team to build a team with 6 guys making $500,000”

    This is totally false. You should read the MLS Salary BUDGET rules again.


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