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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  ChelseaWins (Getty)


The UEFA Champions League Final is already the biggest game in club soccer, but today's final in Munich will carry even more importance for Chelsea when they take on Bayern Munich (2:45pm, FOX).

The Blues will be European champions with a victory, but a loss would not only keep Chelsea from their first Champions League trophy, it would also mean no participation in Champions League next year.

Bayern Munich will be looking to lift the Champions League trophy in their home stadium, and are favored to do so against a Chelsea team depleted by suspensions.

MLS has a loaded slate of matches as well, with Juan Agudelo making his Chivas USA debut against the Los Angeles Galaxy.  In the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver and Seattle will renew acquaintances in a long-standing rivalry.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):

2:45 p.m. – FOX - Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea (UEFA Champions League final)

5 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Seattle Sounders

5:30 p.m. – GOLTV - Sport Recife vs. Flamengo

6 p.m. - Deportes – America de Cali vs. Atletico Madrid (friendly)

7:30 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick - D.C. United vs. Toronto FC

7:30 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick - Montreal Impact vs. New York Red Bulls

7:30 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick - New England Revolution vs. Houston Dynamo

8:30 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick - FC Dallas vs. Philadelphia Union

9 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick - Colorado Rapids vs. Sporting Kansas City

10:30 p.m. - ESPN2/ Deportes - Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Chivas USA

10:30 p.m. - MLS Live/Direct Kick - San Jose Earthquakes vs. Columbus Crew


  1. +1. Such good goal from Montero. Sounders were outplayed on the whole. Whitecaps and Sounders are gonna’ go toe to toe in Cascadia this year.

    BTW – ECS brought it today in Vancouver.

  2. more pks Montreal vs NYRB, I think that it’s the first career match for this referee, might be his last…

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. As a Fulham supporter I hate Chelsea and was rooting against them every step of the way (except maybe against Barca, those smug bastards!). Chelsea didn’t play the most attractive soccer, and didn’t have the best individual players, but they were clearly the best team in the Champions League this year. Need proof/ Just look at who is holding the trophy. To the victors go the spoils. They beat everyone in their path, they’re the champions, they are the best team.

    And just to reiterate, I hate Chelsea. But they won. And by definition, the winners are the best. Soccer isn’t judged by technique, and there is only one stat that means anything.

    I’m rambling, aren’t I? You get what I’m saying!

  4. Great goal by Montero gives Seattle a point. Don’t know why Martin took off both Salgado and Mattocks so early as they both were dangerous. Fair result.

  5. Not really.

    Listening is your choice. You could turn off the sound.

    I used to turn off the sound when Harkes came on and put on something by Rage Against the Machine.

  6. Give it rest. Teams like Chelsea that are undermanned or outgunned have been playing that way for years.

    Chelsea are not cowards anymore than a pitcher who does not give a fastball hitter a fast ball is a coward. Are teams that run the ball as much as possible to keep it out of Brady or Manning’s hands cowards?

    Forget the macho BS. Chelsea don’t care about that. They are here to win and that is all. This is not Olympic figure skating where you get points for style.

  7. I don’t like Robben either but taking a potentially game winning penalty in extra time was courageous. It would have been better for him if he had made it.

    As for not taking a shootout penalty, if you were the manager would you let a guy who had just missed a big penalty take one?

    I would not.

  8. Semantics?

    “Because best in the CL doesn’t mean best team.”

    How about making excuses? How about deciding a contest on the field?

    The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship last year but because the Miami Heat, man for man are more talented why not strip the title from Dallas and give it to Miami? After all winning more games does not mean anything because the Heat were weakened by the unrealistisc expectations of the fans and media.

    Is there some kind of poll that rates which of the non Champions League final teams is the best? So now it has become some kind of frickin popularity contest?

    Why don’t we just ask you which is the best team and then leave it at that.

  9. Salgado and Mattocks are looking good, getting behind Sounder defenders. At half, Sigi will need to sure up the right side defense, and still commit more to attack. His halftime adjustments against Santos and RSL were poor.

  10. Bayern played better, but as a Chelsea fan since my introduction to this beautiful game 7 years ago, I don’t care one bit. THE BLUES KEEP MARCHING ON ON ON!!

  11. Gutted for Schweinsteiger. Going into the game I was rooting for Chelsea because who doesn’t like an underdog and also the fact that I just generally dislike Arjen Robben. Guy never shows up for the big games. Prime example today: Steps up for the penalty in extra time but where was he in the Shootout?

  12. That climb is just ridiculous. Just hand over the trophy. Let the winners run around a couple of times, then turn-on the sprinklers.

  13. Sounders are over 100 minutes without a shot on goal. Rumors that EJ and Montero have found their form are greatly exaggerated. Sigi still attacking with just three most of the time.


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