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USMNT training sessions open to public prior to Scotland, Brazil matches

USTraining (Getty Images)

U.S. men's national team fans in the Jacksonville, Fla., and Washington, D.C., areas will get a chance to see Jurgen Klinsmann's squad up close before it takes to the field against Scotland and Brazil.

Friday's training session at EverBank Field in Jacksonville and next Monday's training session at the University of Maryland's Ludwig Field have both been made open to the public, with the latter being announced officially on Wednesday.

The May 25 training session in Jacksonville is from 5-6 p.m. and will come after Klinsmann has already narrowed his roster down to 23 players for the upcoming five-game stretch. The training session in College Park, Md., meanwhile, will be held on May 28 from 5-6 p.m. as well. Both are free of charge.

Do you plan on attending the training sessions? Starting to get excited for the first senior national team matches in almost three months?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’ve never been to a training and was thinking of going – does anybody know if the players usually sign stuff afterwards?

  2. UMD is on summer break on Memorial Day so parking is free in Lot 1 (the lot right in front of the field) Drive right up Campus Drive and youll hit Lot 1/Ludwig Field.

  3. They will never tell and why would they?

    What could they possibly gain, especially if there is even the slightest chance he might come back.

    After he makes a permanent decision, okay, but even then, this bunch of players don’t seem the type to rip another player in the media.

  4. Where did JK give Chandler till September? All I saw was that he left he ball in Timmy’s court.

    I would not doubt that JK knows Germany’s schedule inside and out. He is a big fan after all and supposedly he and Jogi Loew are close and speak frequently.

    I can’t imagine Loew would be trying to hide anything about Chandler from JK. Why would he?

    At this point JK has done all he can so I see no reason why anyone would hold it against Klinsmann if Chandler played for Germany. If anything he would be seen as being betrayed by Chandler and Loew.

    An ultimatum is not going to make Chandler suddenly realise his life long dream was to play for us, if it wasn’t already true.

    You only give ultimatums when you KNOW what the answer is going to be. Otherwise, they are far too risky.

  5. Fox, abc, cbs, espn are national television, basic cable. If you have cable all of those networks will be available.

  6. I remember watching US soccer games via “Paper view” back in the 90s: I didn’t even have to go on tv/internet/iApp blackout all day, I just checked the score in the newspaper the next day.

  7. But there is little to no value added to his career by coming on for the last 5-minutes against the mighty Faeroe Islands. He will cap-tie himself in to squad with little chance to break into it; whereas he has a reasonably good chance of making up to 3 World Cup squads for the USA. The June international call-up will be important to maintain match fitness as he gets older. He just turned 22 and probably still thinks that he has forever. Slow & steady Chandler, he doesn’t want to be forced by arbitrary rules to make irreversible decisions that will affect him for the next decade. He doesn’t want to be hemmed in, but neither do we. We lose a 1st-team regular by demanding he come in now or else; He loses the benefit and exposure provided by international competition; Germany gets to keep an option 3rd-4rth tier RB to come on against Faeroe Islands and Cyprus. Age and wisdom will come around, and he will make the right decision. We should be patient.

  8. @Coach — The away qualifying games are out of US Soccer’s hands. That’s why I asked (specifically) for the last home game that wasn’t on tv.

    @Stephen — I didn’t know you were referring strictly to national television. What is considered “national television” ?? How is ESPN lumped in with Fox, ABC, CBS… ESPN is a cable network, the others you listed are not.

  9. just an FYI, living social has their $57 deal for 300 level seats for USA v. Brasil. best deal you will find. they sold 7,000 before having to shut it down last time. they have already sold 1,500 today and it ends tomorrow night i believe. get on it.

  10. Timmy has had every opportunity to play for the US in important matches these last 2 summers. If he doesn’t want to wear the Red, White and Blue the he needs to exit stage right. We don’t need him. Only those who are proud to where the colors should put on the jersey!

  11. Last qualifying cycle. It’s gonna happen again this time with Paper view only at Guatemala. Your right though US matches are usually a solid bet to show up somewhere.


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