Winless Toronto FC reshuffles front office

Winless Toronto FC reshuffles front office

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Winless Toronto FC reshuffles front office


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Toronto FC is off to an 0-8 start to the Major League Soccer season, and rather than seeing anybody lose their job, the club's response to that awful start has been to change some people's job titles.

TFC announced on Monday that assistant coach Bob de Klerk has been moved to a role as Technical Manager, while former TFC player and recent Toronto FC Junior Academy coach Jim Brennan takes over as the team's lead assistant.

The club also announced that Paul Mariner, the team's Director of Player Development, would "take a more active role on the pitch", as in helping out with the coaching of the team's forwards.

What does the front office reshuffling mean for the club? It means that, for the moment, TFC ownership isn't quite ready to send any heads rolling. It also shows, at least on the surface, that the team is eager to have head coach Aron Winter and Mariner work more closely together. Perhaps in an attempt to improve a relationship that sources have called frosty for months.

As for how the changes might help the team in the short term, there is a sense that going from a task-master like de Klerk to a more well-liked player's coach type in Brennan might help improve the mood in the locker room.

“We believe these decisions will benefit our club from top to bottom," Winter said in a statement released by the club. "Bob’s new position will allow the team to benefit more from his technical expertise and have him play a more active role in the day-to-day operations of the club off-the-pitch.

"Our U-17 Academy program has done well under Jimmy's direction," Winter added. "The goal of our Academy is provide growth and development for our players and our coaches. This promotion is a well-deserved opportunity for Jimmy.”

It might seem like Winter has lost some power by having his right-hand man moved into the front office, but there is a sense from people in Toronto that Winter will benefit from having a strong ally in the front office. While that may be the case, if Toronto keeps losing matches it won't be long before Winter AND Mariner will both be forced out (and it is anybody's guess who TFC ownership would turn to if things hit bottom).

What do you think of these changes? Can you see Toronto FC turning things around, or do you see the club being destined for one of the worst seasons in MLS history?

Share your thoughts below.

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