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Crew, Revs play to scoreless draw

  CrewRevs (Getty)

The New England Revolution have been a real revelation at home this year, showing considerable improvement at Gillette Stadium under head coach Jay Heaps, but on Saturday the Revs couldn't get past Columbus Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum, who helped the Crew continue their improbable unbeaten run.

Gruenebaum made seven saves to help the Crew salvage a 0-0 draw on the road against New England, a result that helped the Crew push their unbeaten streak to six matches.

Columbus held the edge in possession on the night, but couldn't produce viable chances, with Matt Reis recording just three saves to earn the shutout.

The draw snapped a two-match winning streak for the Crew, who are still unbeaten in six games. The draw marked just the third time this year the Revs have dropped points at home, a result that keeps the Revs stuck in seventh place in the East.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the match? Disappointed with the Revs attack? Impressed with the Crew's ability to keep New England contained defensively? Starting to believe Gruenebaum is capable of being a top-notch starting goalkeeper?

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  1. Why would I chant for the team to move from where I can watch them to a city where I can’t? It would be harder for me to get to games in Boston, but I am one of the many fans continually asking and pressuring ownership to get us into town, instead of Gilette. Attendance and atmosphere would improve if we did. But to think I should ask ownership to move my club to a place I can’t go see them and end my 15 years of season ticket holder attendance? That’s not happening.

  2. The Revolution are not moving. Let’s just get over that. Kraft owns the team and the stadium. It’s a low operating cost for him since he doesn’t pay rental, he still makes money, so he’s not selling. The only hope for Revs is that he loses interest and decides to sell the team. But I would doubt it.

    That said, the team is good and exciting. Not sure the attendance indicates anything other than location. Should the team move to Boston? Yes. Will they? Highly unlikely.

  3. I was actually impressed with the size of the crowd after previous experiences, albeit lots of families. Perhaps that’s to expected on Father’s Day weekend, but I don’t go enough to know the normal crowd. Regardless, any sense of atmosphere was nonexistent. I’m not sure it matters which City as much as that it’s simply in an urban environment and accessible. And while we’re dreaming make it grass.

  4. Hartford or Providence would never happen. The MLS would be moving the team into a minor league market and the Don wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

    The team needs to move to Boston or to another region when the hammer finally drops on ridiculous Gillette (Foxboro, Ma) Stadium.

  5. Gaps in the lower rungs of seats testify to the on-going desecration of a once-proud team and fan base.
    Revs fans should chant for the Kraft family to go, for the franchise to relocate – Hartford, Providence? Soccer in New England had such a great history…


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