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Euro 2012: Matchday 12 (Group D)


The Euro 2012 group stage comes to an end Tuesday, with the final two places in the quarterfinals up for grabs. Three of the four teams in action Tuesday have a chance at qualifying for the knockout round, including co-host Ukraine, which can advance with a win over England (2:45 p.m., ESPN/

The Three Lions, who will go through with a win or a draw, get Wayne Rooney back from suspension, and the Manchester United star is in the starting lineup alongside his club teammate Danny Welbeck, replacing Andy Carroll as the only change Roy Hodgson has made from the team that beat Sweden on Friday. Andriy Shevchenko's knee injury has prevented him from taking his place the starting lineup for Ukraine, though he is available off the bench. If the co-hosts bow out, it will be his final match on the international level.

In the day's other game, France can put the finishing touches on a place in the quarterfinals with a win or draw against Sweden (2:45 p.m., ESPN2/, which is winless and has already been eliminated.

If you will be watching any of Tuesday's Euro 2012 action, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the games.


  1. in the past few days, we have had 3 goal line decisions.

    1. Chicago/NY – ref didn’t count a perfectly good goal
    2. Italy/Ireland – ref correctly counted a goal that bounced out
    3. England/Ukraine – ref doesn’t count a perfectly good goal

    1 out 3 decisions were correct. but no, we’re fine without goal line tech…

  2. Suffering is the eternal lot of the soccer fan. Unless you support ManU; if you don’t have a soul, then you can’t suffer.

  3. He was offside anyway, no?

    Either way I love the Ukranian coach. I want to drink absurd amounts of Vodka with him.

  4. I don’t care how homer the announcers are. It could be a millions times worse. Imagine Pam Ward or Pam Oliver doing this broadcast.

    Michael Ballack: ugh. The guy is painful.

  5. LMAO,

    you mean it’s not painful enough already? I wonder how much they earn everytime they mention the “Barclay’s Premier League?”

  6. The commentator completely discrediting the charges of racial abuse against John Terry while failing to mention that they’ve got him ON TAPE DOING IT.

    I knew English announcers were going to be painful but this is just awful.

  7. 18th minute and England has utterly surrendered the possession. Apparently, they have decided to defend unless they concede. Half court drill.


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