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Euro 2012: Matchday Two (Group B)



The toughest group in Euro 2012, and one of the toughest groups ever seen in a soccer tournament, kicks off action today as Group B gives us the latest Group of Death.

Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark will embark on a fierce battle for two spots in the knockout rounds and trying to predict which two teams will survive this group is not easy. Germany enters the tournament as the favorites to top this group, but the Dutch are just as capable of snatching first place. Portugal is known as being long-time underachievers, but the talent is there to do something special. Even Denmark has to be given a chance to surprise and sneak out of this group.

Some of the best talent in the tournament will be on display as well, from Real Madrid teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil, to Dutch striker Robin Van Persie and dynamic Danish youngster Christian Eriksen.

Here is the viewing schedule for the day's matches:

12 p.m. - ESPN/ - Netherlands vs. Denmark

2:45 p.m. - ESPN/ - Germany vs. Portugal

If you will be watching today's Friday's Euro 2012 action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. If you have a dead ball guy like Roberto Carlos or Beckham then being straight forward consistently makes sense.

    If not, then sometimes it is a good idea to change things around. The predictability makes you easier to defend.

    That is why moves like the short corner, as stupid as it is, is sometimes valuable.

  2. Mike,

    You speak as if it is a given that Denmark will beat Portugal.

    Anything is possible but history, even really recent history, does not guarantee that Denmark WILL beat Portugal this time around.

    And the fact that Portugal will be very desperate, even more so, now that they are on the big stage, will factor into it.

    Barring any new injuires, I would call the match even.

  3. ESPN has long and frequently made use of the “reality TV concept” that conflict sells. They often go overboard with the staged conflict but it hasn’t stopped them from trying.

    The basic ratings draw on any reality type show and on many ESPN commentary shows is how interesting the conflict, real or staged, between the various cast members is.

    Exhibit A for reality would be the father/ son conflict on American Choppers.

    Exhibt B, admittedly more benign, is the Mike and Mike show on ESPN.

    Lalas is an acquired taste and not to my liking but he isn’t where he is because he is stupid. How many of you would kill to do what he gets to do for half the salary?

    Besides, however much I dislike what he is now, he is an authentic American Soccer pioneer when the sport needed them and for that, unless he suddenly turns out to be an axe murderer, child molester or killer of puppies, he will always have my respect. And his brother is okay.


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