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Euro 2012 Semifinal: Germany vs. Italy

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The German and Italian national teams face off today for a place in Sunday's European Championship Final against Spain (2:45pm, ESPN).

The Germans come in off a quarterfinal victory against Greece, and will have the advantage of having had two days of rest more than Italy, which needed penalty kicks to defeat England in the quarters.

Italy will be relying on playmaker Andrea Pirlo to continue his outstanding play this tournament, but Germany's midfield tandem of Mesut Ozil and Bastian Schweinsteiger will make it tough for the Italians to control the midfield like they did against England.

If you will be watching today's Euro semifinal, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Germany is a better version of England, not much creativity on the ball and no imagination on the field.

    The US really should have S.A national as team coach.

  2. Oh, except for that they’re two very talented, but enigmatic players. Both characters away from the game and both always seem to find their way onto championship teams. But otherwise you’re right to shout down that comparison.

  3. How’s it a choke job it’s basically par for the German course:

    lost semis 2006;
    lost final 2008;
    lost semis 2010;
    lost semis 2012.

    Last WC win was 90 last Euro win was 96.

    Great soccer nation but no longer dominant.

    When Italy’s defense is clicking, they are hard to beat, and their bending defense and counterattack offense helps save them energy. Mind you, the US and some teams seem effective against the low pressure, but I’m not really surprised by this.

  4. Yep. Love the self-righteous types that focus more on a player’s behavior than his play. More like gossiping hens than soccer fans.

  5. Kind of like SBI tweeted, I wonder how the moralizing sorts out there are dealing with Tevez helping lead Man City back to glory and then Balotelli all but putting Italy in the final. Granted, loose cannon risks, but cost-benefit on these two isn’t even close….ditto Jermaine Jones.

  6. No, K Bone, that wasn’t Dude, that was me. Biffy! I felt it. Balotelli, was calm last game and so focused and I had a feeling against Germany. I want a wall-sized photo of Manuel Neuer holding his left arm out as Balotelli’s rocket whizes buy. That is a great strike.

    In case anyone is interested, as soon as Jogi Low announced the roster, fans on the German Web site thread were totally p!ssed off, saying what a ridiculous line-up it was. Podolski is over the hill (Wenger will find that out in a couple of months) and playing three d-mids (Kroos, Khedira, and Schweini)—-hmmm. maybe Low has been talking with Klinsmann.

    Low not doubt is going to make changes at half time. i see Marco reuss coming in and either Goetze or Schurrle and possible Klose, although Low will probably have to wait 20 minutes for that move. This game ain’t over yet. Germany will never give up until the final whistle.

  7. Dude on here the other day was saying he could see Balotelli scoring twice, and I said I couldn’t see it happening. That dude totally called it, well played sir…

  8. God italy knows how to flop (I’m looking at you cassano). Freaking pathetic.

    On another note, this game is amazing, and balotelli is the man

  9. Ridiculous goal by Balotelli. The 2nd half could be nuts with Germany sending more players forward and taking chances. This game’s about 100 times more exciting than yesterday’s.

  10. Wow did that Khedira strike deserve a goal! Buffon is ridiculous.

    And Balotelli scores another! Good strike, goalkeeper with no chance. A dumb decision to take his shirt off, though.

  11. Beautiful sequence on the Italy goal.
    Pinpoint ball from Pirlo to Chiellini, who worked really well with Cassano on the left hand side. Cassano sent in a great cross which Balotelli headed hard into the net!


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