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Euro 2012 Ticker: Croatia fined for fan behavior, Germany faces charge & more

CroatiaFans (Getty Images)

Croatia fans have cost their national team's federation €80,000.

UEFA fined Croatia that amount "for the setting-off and throwing of fireworks, and the improper conduct of supporters (racist chants, racist symbols) at the UEFA EURO 2012 Group C match against Italy," according to a statement released on Tuesday. 

The racist chants were directed at Italian forward Mario Balotelli, who was reportedly subjected to monkey noises from the Croatian fans during the match.

The fine is €20,000 less than the €100,000 fine Nicklas Bendtner received from UEFA for exposing a gambling company's name on his underwear after scoring a goal against Germany on Sunday — a fine that the gambling company has stepped forward to pay.

Here are a few more stories from Euro 2012 to keep your day going:


Germany's soccer federation has already been hit with a £10,000 fine for fan misconduct in the team's opening game of Euro 2012 against Portugal, and the national team faces more discipline after a controversial banner that was in the supporters' section on Sunday.

German fans reportedly lit fireworks and displayed a neo-Nazi banner during the team's 2-1 win over Denmark days after fans threw rolled-up pieces of paper at Portugal players in their Group B opener. UEFA is reportedly going to deal with the latest incident on Saturday. 


Italy qualified for the Euro 2012 quarterfinals, but the Azzurri will likely have to face their next opponent without the services of defender Giorgio Chiellini, who hurt his thigh in Italy's win over Ireland on Monday.

Chiellini had started every game of the tournament for Italy and the Juventus standout is a major component to the team's defense. Further tests will be conducted to determine the severity of Chiellini's injury, and it's possible that he is ruled out for the remainder of Euro 2012. Leonardo Bonucci replaced Chiellini against Ireland and is the likely candidate to assume his place in the starting lineup against the Group D winner in the quarterfinals.


Poland coach Franciszek Smuda will not be retained after his contract expires in August, the Polish FA confirmed on Tuesday. 

Smuda was unable to get the co-hosts to the knockout phase, though the Poles did account for some of the more entertaining and exhilarating moments of the group stage. With UEFA World Cup qualifying commencing in September, Poland will need to act relatively quickly to bring in a new manager, and FA president Grzegorz Lato said he is already in the process of reviewing potential successors.


Think it's in bad taste that Bendtner's fine exceeds that of one for racism? How much do you think Germany will be fined for its fans' latest actions? How big of a loss do you think Chiellini is for Italy? Did you think Poland would fare better at Euro 2012?

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  1. UEFA is a backwards corrupt organization. CONCACAF is just as disturbing. Although, for such an “elite” and “prestigious” tournament you’d think they have all their stuff together, apparently not.

  2. Brilliant move.

    – Player has unauthorized advertisement on his underwear.
    – Player briefly exposes advertisement after scoring goal.
    – Advertisement receives small amount of measurable unique impressions.

    – UEFA gets upset that unauthorized advertiser was shown.
    – UEFA creates major controversy with €100,000 fine of player.
    – Advertiser steps up, pays fine.
    – Story of payment and fine go viral, advertiser receives 100s of millions of unique impressions and goodwill in the process, overshadowing existing advertisers.

    Nicely done UEFA. You were played.

  3. What a great business model UEFA has put in place for this tournament. They save money with slack security and then they fine all the countries when their fans bring assorted contraband into the stadiums. It is a double win for their profit margins.

  4. I think FIFA believe the meaning of “kick it out!” is to kick out unauthorized advertising. Bravo FIFA well done.


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