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FC Dallas announces jersey sponsor deal


At long last, FC Dallas has a jersey sponsor.

FC Dallas announced a multi-year, multi-million-dollar jersey sponsorship deal with AdvoCare, a Plano, Texas-based health and wellness company. Financial terms of the deal, the first jersey sponsorship deal in team history, were not disclosed, but it will last for three and a half years. The club will don the new jersey for the first time on July 28 against the Los Angeles Galaxy. 

"Our ultimate goal was to identify the perfect partner," Doug Quinn, FC Dallas president and CEO, said at a press conference. "I think we've found them, and what makes this more perfect is that they are Texas based."

Quinn said that club had been searching for a local business to partner with for the last year and a half before coming to terms with AdvoCare, which already was a partner of the club in a smaller capacity. For FC Dallas, it's a refreshing piece of good news after losing its stadium name rights deal with Pizza Hut prior to the season while enduring a 3-9-5 start on the field that puts FCD in last place in the Western Conference.

With FC Dallas taken care of, only the San Jose Earthquakes, Colorado Rapids and Sporting Kansas City remain as MLS teams without a jersey sponsor.

What do you think of this development?

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  1. San Jose had a 3-yea deal with Amway that wasn’t renewed during the off-season. They are working on corporate sponsorships not just for the jersey but also for their new stadium. Stay tuned.

    Also NYRB don’t and have never had a jersey sponsor. Putting your team name on your jersey is not equivalent to having a corporate sponsor.

  2. i disagree.

    it’s not about “anything they do in Europe is right” since its done everywhere including South America. The sponsorship on the jersey is culturally accepted in soccer.

    I’d be pretty pissed if the LA Dodgers started advertising on their jersey. But I wouldn’t be if Chivas does. In fact I expect my soccer club to have advertising on their jersey. Its part of soccer culture.

    if you look at association football around the globe where lower division teams survive off of developing and then selling players, those jersey sponsors not only help finance your business plan but also they show that you’re a club with some cache. A lower division club in Europe that can’t get a jersey sponsor is seen as really low rent and “mickey mouse”.

  3. +1

    SBI readers are way too attached to “anything they do in Europe must be right.” Putting advertising on your shirt is tacky and lame. It’s one of the best things about American sports, that we’re not quite as crass as we’re constantly being accused of. Here’s hoping NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB can continue to resist!

  4. I think putting a sponsor on the jersey is more mickey mouse than your team name ?

    Not sure how you could disagree with that, unless it is in the name of conformity.

  5. Actually, with Dallas getting a sponsor, there are no teams left with their names splashed across their shirts. Dallas was the last hold-out to that tradition, as the Rapids removed their’s two seasons ago (I believe) San Jose dropped their’s when they got their deal with Amway, and haven’t bothered to put it back since the deal ended, and KC dropped their word mark when they rebranded. So wish granted, Old School!

    Funny side note, I was watching the Chivas/Dallas match and thought to myself, I’d like to see FCD move their word mark to the lower back of their shirts whenever they get a sponsor deal. I think that would be a good look for them, a bit like what RBNY (and many other clubs the world over) does. The hoops continue on to the back right? Just put it right in one of the white stripes under where the name and number.

  6. Of the three left, (SJ, KC, Colo) the ‘Quakes had a sponsor, (Amway) buyt it ended and they have yet to land another one as of right now.

  7. arn’t Herbalife (LA), Xango (RSL), Amway (SJ-last year), and now Advocare (FCD)all pyramid scheme companies?

    Personally i really don’t care what they do, as long as they pay up and don’t have some silly logo.

  8. FC Dallas have the best MLS kits, imo. However, the “FC Dallas” across the chest this year completely ruined it for me and looked mickey mouse.

    Glad to see them getting a sponsor. Sidenote, really wish MLS clubs would move away from putting their team name blasted across the chest. That’s what your crest is for.

  9. Dont remember where i read this but the minimum for a jersey sponsor is $500,000 a year with a minimum 3 year contract. I also believe $200,000 if the deal goes to the league.

  10. San Jose had Amway at one point correct? I know very very little about Advocare but I think it’s a little pyramid schemeish isn’t it? Sounds like a house of cards and just agreat business partner. Spin how you want FCD – depesperate times call for desprate measures. Hope the checks don’t bounce.

  11. I’m sure someone will chime in with confirmation, but I’m pretty sure MLS has a minimum amount that jersey sponsorship deals have to meet. $1 million maybe? Anyway, are any of the other team’s deals multi-tiered?

  12. What makes them the ideal partner I wonder? I have never heard of this company, and I live in Plano. Curious to see if the deal is multi tiered too, if we sell 50 jerseys it’s $10, but if you sell 50 and your friend sells 50 it’s $20!

    Makes me a bit surprised financials weren’t announced, since I thought all other deals had been.

  13. Good for them. I was curious as to what exactly a “health and wellness” company makes so I checked out their site. Found out Daniel Hernandez and Jason Kreis were already among there endorsers (and DH has a video talking about what he uses).


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