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Field-Level View: USA vs. Antigua & Barbuda


  1. I agree Goodson has been solid and has earned the right to start, but I think Gooch’s size and finishing on set plays (and experience for having been in Guatcity) is the difference. Besides, if FabJohn is not a go, Boca will need to play on the left flank so it’s a moot point.

    Again, don’t disagree with someone else making the call for Clarence, but I’d pick Gooch.

  2. I know it’s a little late to be asking now; but would it have been possible/reasonable for Klinsmann to call in Lichaj as soon as Fabian and Castillo went down injured, just for depth? I know fitness-wise it would have been tough for him to catch up, but surely he could have worked his way up to 30-45mins of fitness. Considering Torres’ injury scare it might have been nice to have a proper fullback in reserve, Parkhurst’s ability to play there notwithstanding.

  3. Nice points PD and although your line-up assumes a healthy FabJo, i’m generally ok with your Guat line up…but dude, Gooch? No reason to play him AND sit Goodson. Setting aside his recent poor play, Goodson is playing much better than Gooch.

  4. You know I watched the entire Antigua-Barbuda game again last night and I have to say the US looked a LOT sharper than we were initially giving them credit for. Taking away the pre-match expectations and simply looking at the on-field performances (and considering it was 90 percent humidity and raining on a two-day waterlogged pitch) the speed of play, confidence in possession, comfort on passing and creativity in attack (barring the fact that it took awhile to shoot from distance), on the whole was incredibly strong.

    Full marks to A-B for offering a composed and disciplined CONCACAF-style defending. Plus there was a goal-line clearance and a post rattler, it could have easily been a 5-1 result. Plus, there were several tackles committed by AB that were clearly card-able that they were fortunate to not even get a whistle.

    Yes, there were a few lapses late in the match (the goal was a total hash-Goodson overplayed his line, Onyewu overplayed his line, Howard committed too early) and there is room for improvement, but overall it was a strong match and the resulting scoreline was fair and respectable.

    It’s good to have high expectations of what we want of our national team, but I think we don’t do ourselves or the team any favors when we fail to account for the performance of the opponent or look beyond the scoreline.

    I hope to see a quick tempo, consistent passing and creative combinations as well as a steady defense against the Guats (and that no one gets shot). I am concerned that Gooch has had some lapses, but I think he’ll be able to play out of the funk. Hopefully Johnson will be fit to go.


    60+: Boyd for Altidore,
    tactical: Jones for Edu (while I want his toughness on the pitch, I’m afraid Jones will be a card liability).

  5. Only pay-per-view. Only legal stream will be on ustream, which is also going to be pay-per-view. is doing its best to update its website with a list of bars that have committed to showing the game.

    As far as quality/non-legal streams, can’t imagine it not being up on 1st row.

  6. This video just reminds me how poor our crossing was that game. So many opportunities where the ball never made it past the near post defender. Could have easily had another 2-3 goals if we could have figured out how to cross it to the far post.

  7. It wasn’t pretty, but a win is the perfect start for qualifying.

    Any updates on the television situation for the Guatemala game Tuesday? Will there be any quality/legal streams for the match?


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