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Livestrong Sporting Park to host World Cup Qualifier


LiveStrong Sporting Park in Kansas City will host the World Cup qualifier between the USMNT and Guatemala on Oct. 16th, Sporting Kansas City announced on Monday.

The qualifier will be the second U.S. Men's national team match to be played at LSP, following last year's Gold Cup match between the United States and Guadeloupe.

What do you think of this news? Plan on making the trip to KC for the match? Still hoping Livestrong Sporting Park scores one of the home qualifiers during the Hexagonal Round in 2013?

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  1. You must have been drunk when you wrote this, because your reading comprehension doesn’t appear to be working at full capacity. Your mathematical skills also seem to be a bit underdeveloped, so let ME school YOU for a minute.

    The penalty area/18-yd box stays the same size, regardless of the size of the pitch. If the field is 5 yards narrower, that’s 2.5 yards’ worth of area that disappears adjacent to either side of the penalty area. Thus, the relative size of the penalty area increases with smaller pitch size. That’s just a mathematical fact.

    On another point…BBVA Compass Stadium is full size regulation? You don’t say! I’ve only attended every MLS match that’s been held there since it opened! My comments on BBVA had to do with the fact that it’s a horrible place for the USMNT to play since the vast majority of the fans that turn out will be supporting our opponents.

    Moreover, BBVA Compass has a pitch that’s narrow too, by design. It’s only 70 yds wide, just like Jeld-Wen. Unlike Jeld-Wen, there’s space to expand the pitch if necessary. Top notch stadia in the world are 74-75 yds in width. That includes San Siro, Wembley, Santiago Bernabeu, etc.

    You must not have a conception of what 15 feet is. Get a yardstick.

    The USSF and the players prefer this pitch width. Your willful ignorance doesn’t change the fact that shortening the width of the pitch does impact critical areas of the field, primarily for defenders.

    The USSF and the players prefer real grass as well. ’97 WCQ was a long time ago.

    Your points aren’t valid. Stop arguing and go home.

  2. One of the problems with Portland and/or Seattle hosting (in addition to the turf issue) is the distance from Europe and concern for European players making the long trek.

  3. My guess for the Hex…

    1. Portland (vs Mexico)
    2. Toyota Park / Soldier Field – Chicago
    3. BBVA Compass – Houston
    4. Home Depot Center – Carson
    5. LP Field – Nashville

  4. What? Have you watched one of the fake “ball stops dead” games on the roll out grass? It’s barely soccer, made for TV bull.


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