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Mattocks shines as Whitecaps topple Dynamo

MattocksBrace (Getty)

Rookie Vancouver Whitecaps striker Darren Mattocks came into the league with high-expectations as a speed goal-scoring threat and on Sunday he showed just what all the hype was about.

The No. 2 pick in January's MLS Draft torched the Dynamo defense to the tune of two goals as the Whitecaps posted a 3-1 victory at BC Place.

Vancouver took full advantage of a Houston side missing defensive starters Geoff Cameron and Andre Hainault, both away on national team duty, as the pace of Mattocks and skills of Gershon Koffie proved too much for the Dynamo to handle. He scored goals in the fourth minute and 66th minute to put Vancouver in control.

Macoumba Kandji pulled the Dynamo within a goal in the 83rd minute, but Jordan Harvey sealed matters in the 88th minute with a beautiful finish.

What did you think of the match? See Mattocks as a viable Rookie of the Year candidate? Surprised to see Houston's defense torn apart, or should it be expected without Cameron and Hainault around?

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  1. Moffat is fine. Clark is a good sub, but Carr needs to play back up forward. Hey, that’s why they have Garcia.

    Nobody wants to say this, but Ching needs to be benched. He is giving his all, but it isn’t enough. Bruin needs a strike partner that will run off him, Kandji or Carr.

  2. More Kandji and Ownby, less Carr, Clark, and Moffat.

    I also think the soft underbelly of the team remains the fact Kinnear likes Ashe as a LB, and insists on starting at least one of Boswell or Hainault, who are slow as molasses.

  3. Sturgis is this year’s Freeman or Garey, he’s done nothing to merit his occasional PT and because of his tenure we’re presumably stuck with his contract for the season.

    Creavalle seemed OK until he got backdoored by Mattocks on goal 3. My general complaint would be we’ve drafted RBs in round 1 two straight years and neither of them seem worth a crud.

  4. I buy some of that except the defensive unit, starters or second string, is still on pace for a mediocre 40+ GA season, negative GD. Boswell and Ashe are often starters who combined to allow the first goal, and Boswell simply looked out of his depth (against Vancouver!). This is not a championship defense, particularly until Kinnear “gets it” about Corey Ashe, who was way out of position on the first goal.

    I also feel like the Scorpions and Whitecaps games exposed depth issues with the team. The first team, drilled into Kinnear’s style, may be able to over-achieve and earn mid-table points but the second string seems woeful. Kinnear has never struck me as a good developer of young talent — he tends to do better when handed a Holden or Cameron who can play immediately (or better yet, some veteran), not when he has to develop a Crevealle or Ownby.

    The service was generally crap. I felt like Ownby’s cross (defensive gaffe aside) exposed the general lack of production from his side by Carr. Kinnear seems to love the career backup but Ownby did more in a few minutes than Carr did all game.

    I think we need to acquire a quality defender, and one more attacker besides Boniek. If Kinnear thinks he can just pop in Boniek and run the table this game should be a pretty big hint that’s not happening.

  5. Pretty simple. Nathan Sturgis and Warren Creaville are not Cameron, Taylor or Hainault. Think it was a lesson for both of the them.

  6. Has there been any Boyd to Rapid Vienna discussion on here? Saw somethin on twitter and mls’ blog says “long-rumored” but it’s the first i’m hearing of it (other than knowing he would likely be looking for a new club)

  7. Dynamo were also missing Jermaine Taylor… really just a tough night with such gaping holes in the Dynamo’s usual defensive lineup.


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