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Must-See Commercial: Mario Balotelli


  1. Sorry Dan. SBI has lately had great content between Euro’s and USMNT stuff.

    Also, the commercial was hilarious and I hadn’t seen it either.

    Thanks Ives.

  2. Nope sorry Ives if something has been seen by at least one person elsewhere you’re not allowed to post it so everyone else can also see it, that’s just basic Internet etiquette.

  3. You are really DYING for content there ives huh? This commercial is almost a month old

    (SBI-I hadn’t seen it and thought it was hilarious. Thought my readers who hadn’t seen it would enjoy it. Something can be entertaining even it has been around for a while, right?)

  4. Hilarious reference.

    He actually looks like Leonard Washington when he first walks in.

    Reference the World Series of Dice episode.

  5. beautiful sport to watch/follow, whether our ears allow us to listen or not.

    passion and the beauty of the game translate through all barriers.


  6. Looks like Mario walked into the barber shop with a photo of mudbutt and said, “Can you make me look like this?”


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