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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

GerrardEngland (Getty)


England's preparations for the European Championships have been marred by injuries, but the Three Lions still have plenty of weapons to lean on heading into next week's Euros. We will see just how much Roy Hodgson's squad has left when England takes on Belgium today.

The losses of Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry have hurt England's midfield, but Steven Gerrard and Scott Parker have the qualities to keep the squad rolling. Belgium will provide a stiff test though, with Eden Hazard and Marouane Fellaini among the talents England will have to deal with.

Major League Soccer has taken the weekend off for the most part, but there is one match-up on the schedule as the New England Revolution take on the Chicago Fire in a match-up of Eastern Conference squads with playoff aspirations.

In South America, World Cup qualifying gets into full swing, with Argentina and Uruguay among the teams in action.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule, as well as some matches you can find online, is after the jump):


12:15pm- Fox Soccer Channel- England vs. Belgium

1pm- Norway vs. Croatia

2pm- DirecTV- Uruguay vs. Venezuela

2pm- Online- Netherlands vs. Northern Ireland

2:45pm- Online- Portugal vs. Turkey

4:10pm- DirecTV- Bolivia vs. Chile

4:30pm- DirecTV- El Salvador vs. Honduras

6:30pm- DirecTV- Argentina vs. Ecuador

7pm- Rochester Rhinos vs. Richmond Kickers

7:30pm- MLS Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. Chicago Fire

7:30pm- Wilmington Hammerheads vs. Orlando City

8pm- Dayton Dutch Lions vs. Charleston Battery



  1. I kinda of like Ives’s thin skin. Sure, it’s not “professional” in the sense you wouldn’t see it on or Fox Sports or whatever. But that’s precisely what’s kind of cool about it. No matter how many ads he shows, how good the coverage is, how central this site becomes to American soccer culture, it is still some guy’s blog where he can say whatever the f*ck he wants.

  2. wow, some of you need to locate your manhood and quit getting butt hurt because you didn’t google or know what ESPN3 is.

    i love SBI’s comment, i thought it was funny. JK said get nasty anyway…

  3. You’ve made one or two assumptions that contradict each other. If you were looking for a official stream then your assertion that SBI was directing you to an illegal stream without them posting web addresses is a false accusation.
    Since you were looking for a legal stream, they must exist, at minimum in your mind.

  4. Little over 1/2 hour in and Argentina is already leading Ecuador 3-0. Last one was by Messi. Extremely impressive performance so far.

  5. If Ives is going to post the exact channel/website of EVERY other game he listed, why shouldn’t he be asked about the location for a super ambiguous “online” location? Everyone is well aware of ESPN3 and the benefits of a simple google search, thanks for the insight though. If Ives provides a service then he should follow through with it, and not get sarcastic to his customers for a missing piece of information

  6. 1. SBI is correct.
    2. It might just be illegal to direct his readership to an illegal streaming site. So, getting asked where to look is akin to asking someone in a professional setting, “Where can I score some weed, dude?”
    Find it yourself.

  7. Put ESPN3 in your search field and stop bunching your panties. I don’t understand how your ignorance is suddenly needs to be an example of someone else’s character flaw. Does he leave instructions on how to use a remote? Lighten up for crying out loud. He’s the editor of a soccer website, not the Pope.

  8. Considering this same “editor” put the exact channel/site of all the other matches I think the initial question of where to find the game is valid. Ives never holds back from taking digs at his own readers for even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction. Maybe he’s the one who shouldn’t be acting like he’s four

  9. No that wasn’t rude. A google search of ESPN3 would have told you all you needed to know, you asking the editor of a website to “do it for you” is begging for extreme cheek. So you’re being called out for extreme laziness? You are not 4. Man up, son. (unless you are 4, in which case SBI was totally mean)

  10. Seems like there aren’t enough creative/dangerous runs for Belgium and when there are, the pass is made too late. I feel like Mertens was wasteful more often than not and Hazard isn’t involved enough. England are just dull.

  11. The belgian strike force make it looks like they are shooting with water pistols. Not enough punch. No speed either. But their midfield play looks good.

  12. Man, some thin skin on here. I don’t think it was meant to be nasty, just a little ‘cheeky’ as the Brits say.

  13. SBI Your comment is very rude and unnecessary. I was also looking for an official steam of the game. I have never seen you list illegal stream games as part of your soccer on tv list. If there is a legitimate link then give it otherwise do not list the game as available on tv.


  14. Either one of these teams (England-Belgium) would get killed by the Brazil that played the US a couple of days ago.

  15. well, i guess you can afford to play slowly and predictably if you have forwards that finish half chances like that. class finish welbeck.

  16. When it says online wtf does that mean? ESPN3? Illegal stream?

    (SBI-You were smart enough to turn on your computer and find us. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.)


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