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Reports: Rangers will not get approved for Scottish Premier League

Rangers (Reuters Pictures)

If Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu and Alejandro Bedoya were thinking of wading through the tough times Rangers and sticking around for another season, they might want to reconsider their options.

In the wake of the club's financial turmoil, liquidation and takeover by new owner Charles Green, Rangers essentially need to start their franchise from scratch. That entailed forming a new company, leaving their history behind and hoping that the rest of the Premier League would accept that while welcoming the club back into the top flight with open arms. It appears, however, that last part won't be happening.  

Under their current circumstances, Rangers need a two-thirds majority vote among the 12 Premier League clubs to be readmitted into the Premier League, and six teams — Aberdeen, St. Johnstone, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Dundee United, Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian — have reportedly stated that they will not vote in Rangers' favor, leaving the club destined for a place in the lower tiers of Scottish soccer. The official vote is set to take place July 4.

When the Premier League's schedule was released June 18, Rangers were not on it, and instead a mysterious "Club 12" took their place while the team awaited its top-flight fate. That fate appears to be sealed, and the club with so much history and success in Scotland will need to win its way back to the top.

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  1. 80% of Rangers players will end up in England, NOT “MLS”
    It’s a shame that this is happening but the only way other teams will now that it can’t screw around with it’s money is to make an example of.

  2. Nobody’s said it, but one of the biggest losers in all this is Celtic. Without the Old Firm, Celtic will be on a desert island, with no one to challenge them, and no way to draw fans and make money. This has always been one of the great risks of being in a two-team league. The same would happen if Real Madrid or Barça folded – if one goes, the other one could easily follow.

    I’m a Celtic Supporter, and part of me wants to laugh at the Teddy Bear collapse. But even a fool such as me can see that without our evil twin, Celtic is a giant without a dragon to slay.

  3. Have no idea why my comment above was deleted. Weird. No bad words or ranting and raving. I had simply posted a link to a news story about a possible transfer for Edu and a link about a coach who thinks highly of Boca and would like to have him on his team. The news stories can easily be found with news search for each player on the web.

  4. This is a good thought but for rangers to join the championship without any due process would rip the soul out of english football. This would set a precedent saying promotion and relegation can be bypassed with enough money.

  5. Yes, how very short sighted it is to not allow back a team which played fast and loose with the rules, trying to win the league by spending more than it could afford, and now I assume leaving a lot of money owed to a lot of people, not just players and the government, but anyone who did any service for them like caterers or builders (again, just an assumption, but that’s generally how it goes in bankruptcies), while one assumes the rest of the teams are paying or will pay their taxes, wages and bills in a responsible manner. Holding people/organizations responsible for their actions, and making them follow the rules that are supposed to apply to everybody, even the wealthy, that’s just stupid.

  6. The Rangers should be allowed to join league 2 of the English football league or maybe even conference football.

    If only under new ownership or as a completely new franchise, it would be such an insult to this club with so much history and such dedicated fans to not proceed to the english football pyrimiad in some sort of capacity.

    In this aspect they could one day be looked at as trailblazers.

    A football club’s history belongs, with out a doubt, to the fans who’s lives are intertwined with the club itself. which is deeply indrenched in generations of british peoples lives, their culture, their worlds, are deeply indrenched in the future of Rangers F.C.


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