Should UEFA expand the Euro field?

Should UEFA expand the Euro field?

Euro 2012

Should UEFA expand the Euro field?


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Euro 2012 has been one of the more intense, entertaining international tournaments in recent memory, with each game carrying loads of significance and each group coming down to the final day of group play.

Even with the 16-team format providing such a strong competition — and groups containing multiple world powers, making for high drama — UEFA is poised to expand the tournament field to 24 teams in 2016, something that UEFA president Michel Platini has conceded "will be less dramatic" in the group stage.

In comments made Monday, Platini offered that the 24-team field in France in four years would incorporate a 16-team knockout round, meaning that two-thirds of the teams would get out of the group stage as opposed to the half that do now.

"Twenty-four (teams) is OK…I think it's OK. Eight good teams to add. It's not a problem of quality," Platini told reporters. "It's very important for the (additional) countries that qualify. It is good for the national associations and their development."

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How did you vote? Do you like the tournament format as it is? Do you think a 24-team Euro tournament will provide less quality? What do you make of Platini's comments? What do you think the biggest byproduct would be of an expanded field?

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