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Spotlight on Maurice Edu

MauriceEdu (Getty)

It has been one roller coaster ride of a year for Maurice Edu.

The U.S. national team midfielder has seen his club team, Glasgow Rangers, fall into the nightmarish reality of financial ruin, but he has also seen his national team stock rise as he has become a regular starter for Jurgen Klinsmann. Now that he heads into the summer as a very attractive transfer target, Edu's should only get more interesting.

He has had plenty to keep him distracted from the latest problems at Rangers. From a month-long stint with the national team, to his participation in recent charity matches in Miami and New York, Edu has kept himself busy and has tried having some fun while his future gets sorted out.

In my latest FOX Soccer spotlight, Edu spoke at length about the past season with Rangers, how he dealt with all the drama, and what his goals are going forward.

Give the story a read and let us know what you think of Edu's situation. Where would you like to see Edu go next? Can you see him in the Premier League?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. MLS is still an embarrassment against the European leagues as the MLS champion would struggle to gain promotion from League One in England. As for Edu, a club like Reading, Cardiff City, or a big club recently relegated like Blackburn or Bolton seems to fit him well. Moving to the Bundesliga is also a great option and would leave him on the top of the midfielders for Klinnsmann to choose from. Turkey is a decent option, but Besiktas and Trabzonspor among other clubs are in financial ruin as well, so the league is a little weak. I would prefer Germany for Edu. As for Rangers newco, they should ditch SPL and join the Football League like Welsh clubs Cardiff and Swansea have done. They are getting kicked out anyway so why not?

  2. I like ^THIS^

    Word is Dickson Etuhu is on his way out the door. He would be a steal for FFC. And cheaper!

  3. Edu is a strong player who needs to get as many games as possible in a physical league. I think he could crush it in the Bundesliga. I also think he could hack it in the EPL ,if suited with the right club. He’d actually fit in well at Everton, as Moyes utilizes Felliani in both offensive and defensive central positions.

  4. i don’t recall where i heard this, but i thought a number of big Turkish clubs were running into financial issues as well. I wouldn’t want for Edu to go thru this again!

    I agree with most here, mid to low level Bundesliga, French League or top-Bundesliga2 clubs would suit him fine. I’m sure Klinnsman can write a nice letter of recommendation for him too.

  5. the transfer fees offered by Axurre and Shouax (sp!) were negligible amounts, i guess Rangers still think they can get more value from his sale…or they missed out.

  6. These “roller-coaster” rides are not helping the national team….Come back to the States and strengthen our league.

  7. Exactly!
    The training and coaching in the SPL is of a very high quality.
    Its where all the best coaches in EPL come from!

    Okay okay okay. Not “all” but a large number.

  8. Turkey first division is stronger than 2.Bundesliga or Championship league come on.
    In any case, Edu is good enough to play in a first division in a strong league.

  9. Edu should have better options that 2.Bundesliga. Let’s hope he finds a spot in France or the 1.Bundesliga. Even the Championship would be better competition, but we’ll see what happens. The MAIN thing is he needs to be somewhere that he gets playing time and better still, is under a coach that can help him develop more.

  10. I like Edu, think he is a very good defensive midfielder destroyer and could be an asset to for a lot of teams. Yes, he should first try to move to a team in one of the big leagues. But if that fails, he should try one of the top teams in the 2. Bundesliga (Cologne, Kaiserlautern, St. Pauli, FC Berlin, TSV München 1860) that has a good chance of moring up to the Bundesliga. That is what Canadian striker Olivier Occean did this past season with Greuther Fürth. The 2. Bundesliga would be better than playing in Turkey. Edu could hone his skills in the 2. Bundesliga and also make a decent salary.

  11. Back when Edu join Rangers and SPL,SPL was better then MLS. Things have changed, SPL is below MLS now. I just wished he had went to France.Why rangers didn’t let him go to France, I don’t know why. I hope he goes some where else and not to the Turkish league.Champions league was why Boca went there as well, but rangers would struggle to get to the group stages.

  12. I know everybody loves beating up on the SPL and Rangers while they’re down, but the idea behind playing for Rangers at least in theory made sense (past tense)-play in pressure cooker environment with huge expectations where you are always in the hunt for the title, get decent European exposure, learn how to break down defenses that are going to park the bus against you, play in a league for a team that has a great history of exports to the PL and Championship, and one that generally has very good coaches/training systems.

    Obviously none of those things are an endpoint, and, with the recent events at Rangers should hasten their already inevitable departures. It is a shame that Boca went there to win a title after a career of no silverware I believe, and it seemed a pretty good bet after what, 3 straight years for Rangers?

    Not trying to say the SPL was ever amazing-just a much more justifiable decision than most make it out to be.

  13. Great article as always!!! I’m hoping Edu doesn’t go to Turkey. He is capable of playing in a better league like Germany or England.


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