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Spurs look ahead to Red Bulls friendly



  1. I’ve lived in Chicago for 6 years (originally from Kansas City). I’ve lost my southern-twang entirely and now sound as if I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life.

    The moral, it can happen quite easily, even unbeknownst to you.

    It’s odd.

  2. The 2010 Tottenham game was my first live professional soccer match. It lured to Red Bull Arena for Thierry Henry’s 1st NY game and I’ve been crazy about the team ever since.

    This exhibition game turned me into a RBNY season ticket holder. I can’t hate on it. It’s only one game and it’s at home. Hope it brings people back to RBA for the regular season like it did me.

  3. But the friendlies aren’t intended for you (or I.)

    Like all other exhibition games including all-star games, the exist to woo fairweather fans and generate more money for the owners and hopefully help the league grow. So I’ve learn to tolerate them. Hopefully everyone comes out of the summer exhibition matches unscathed.

    PS: MLS should have a “bring a friend to the pitch day.” 😉

  4. I find the mid-season friendlies a bit mickey mouse but I understand the MLS logic, even if I don’t believe (as maka mentioned) the returns are notable.

  5. I don’t care about these friendlies anymore.

    I know they supposedly attract new fans to MLS, but personally I find the returns to be minimal. A friend I bring to a league game is 10X more likely to come back than somebody who only came to see Tottenham.


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