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Thursday Kickoff: Spurs eyeing Moyes, Ronaldo rips Messi, and more

  DavidMoyes (Getty)

With the surprising departure of Harry Redknapp shaking things up in the English Premier League, a clear front-runner has emerged to replace Redknapp and it's none other than Everton manager David Moyes.

One of the most well-respected managers in Europe for his consistent ability to produce results with a team that doesn't have the financial strength of its opponents, Moyes has spent a decade at the Liverpool club, but with a year remaining on his contract, he could be tempted to make the move to the big-spending London club.

Moyes led Everton to an impressive seventh-place finish after a slow start to the season, and did so despite the team once again spending very little in the transfer market.

Here are some other stories to get your Thursday going:


No matter where he goes, or what he does, Cristiano Ronaldo can't seem to get away from the comparisons to Lionel Messi, or away from the consistent believe that Messi is better than he is. He faced that burden yet again on Wednesday, and handled it about as poorly as anyone could.

Danish fans chanted Messi's name at Ronaldo during the Denmark-Portugal Euro match on Wednesday, and after the match, Ronaldo was asked about it. His response was both harsh and telling:

"You know where he was at this time (last year)? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, no?"

The comment came after Ronaldo endured an awful game that saw him miss some outstanding chances during Portugal's 3-2 victory against Denmark.


Italian forward Bernardo Corradi has been a solid addition to the Montreal Impact this season, but it looked like he might not stick around long since his deal to join the Impact was apparently only until the summer.

Corradi is staying put.

The Impact announced on Thursday that they have reached an agreement with Corradi to keep him for the remainder of the 2012 season.

What do you think of these developments? Would you like to see Moyes move to Tottenham? Do you feel bad for Ronaldo, or does his apparent jealousy make you laugh? 

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Maradona would be the Mick Jagger. His contribution to the sport/music world is long past. Everyone sort of wishes he would just go away. But when he pops up as a coach or on SNL, he is entertaining to watch.

  2. i should clarify, i have never had to talk to media after any sporting event ive been a part of. in fact, there have never been any media after any sporting event i have been a part of. ive never played any sport at a professional, or even semi-pro level.

    but that statement was based off watching years of sports and seeing how athletes respond to situations depending on how they played, etc. if a player has a bad game and the media asks them a baited question, almost everytime there is a snippy response.

  3. that point remains the same, Argentina got eliminated.

    have you ever been mad after a game? i know i have and sometimes it’s hard not to talk. especially when the media is baiting you into it. i’m not saying he isn’t a diva or sorts, but it was a baited question meant to get a rise out of him. if they had asked him that after he had time to relax, i bet he would have had a cooler head.

  4. no, what he said is not true. messi and co. wouldn’t be eliminated until the quarters against uruguay.

    and i kind of feel bad for him that he was being baited, but he didn’t have to say anything. maybe they try to bait him because he’s a diva who can’t keep his mouth shut.

  5. i’m with you. the media and fans are always trying to bait him into saying things like this. they KNEW by asking him something like that after he was visibly mad at his performance would yield this kind of reaction. and besides, what he said IS TRUE.

  6. whatever, this was a baited question to CR when they knew he was mad because he didn’t play well. and you know what? he has a point. messi and CR have failed to impress for their national teams. although messi had a great game in the friendly with brasil.

    but seriously, i don’t blame CR. the media wanted a sound bite and they knew they could get it out of him.

  7. I’m calling it now – Moyes to Tottenham, Donovan and Howard to follow, then Ronaldinhoh to LA!!! Win, win, win, win situation and another win for the USA!!!

  8. I knew someone was going to mention Donovan to Spurs. First, he’s not good enough to play for Spurs, and second, he’s 30. At best they’d bring him in as a sub, which I can’t imagine he’d want to do. Plus I believe he’d only play for Everton if he ever went to the EPL again…

  9. I’ve been trotting this idea out in conversation for a few months now. I think he’d be perfect. He clearly understands American players, he uses methods that seem straight out of US sports, his teams are organized with clearly defined roles, and he gets over performance out of everyone. Frankly, if I was in charge he would be my number one target, period.

    I’m not giving up on Klinsman yet, although I’m not seeing the master plan emerge that everyone assumes he has, but I think Moyes gets this same pool to the quarter finals at least, and maybe the semis.

  10. Moyes as USMNT coach, never thought about it. But I like it. But I am very happy with Klinsman right now, but… We need to start seeing some good results coming up.

  11. The good news if Moyes goes to Spurs: he will have more money to buy Donovan

    The bad news if Moyes goes to Spurs: It’s Spurs.

    The worse news: This throws a monkey wrench into my plan to have Moyes succeed Klinsmann

  12. After I read this headline, I just thought I’d throw this out there from the previous commentary from yesterday evening:

    “Colin said…
    You guys stupidly seem to think Moyes will go to tottenham. As a massive Everton fan, I think this is very unlikely. If moyes does move to tottenham, he likely will not sign Donovan or Dempsey because they are both over priced for their age.”

    I guess we’re all stupid. Including well respected journalists.

  13. Funny. He is a pretty easy player to hate but is still in the top 10 in Europe no matter how you look at it. Amazing talent. Even more amazing ego.

  14. I would imagine Everton would deny any Everton players to move within the first year.

    That’s become fairly standard practice now.

  15. I have to be honest, if I was a footballer, I’d be CR7. The style, the women… closest thing to being a rockstar in soccer. “Let me live!”


    Who is the biggest rockstar in soocer? Great debate question.

  16. Cristiano has Messi nightmares even while wide awake.
    While Messi is being compared to the best ever, Cristiano is still trying to convince himself he is good enough to carry Lio’s jocktrap.

  17. I agree with that! I have always felt that the top 3-4 teams in Scotland should be in the English leagues. Celtic and Scotland could keep pace in the EPL, not for a title but just a mid to low table EPL team. On good years they could push for a top spot. Aberdeen is a solid team too, or can be. I think they do not like that because of the chances of Scotland having a UCL representative goes down. Unless they could work it out that the Scottish Cup winner gets a bid.

  18. If the SPL “relegates” the newco Rangers team to a lower division, I would like for Rangers to switch to the lower leagues of England and begin the process of working towards an EPL slot. If the SPL, fans and clubs are too stupid to keep Rangers in the SPL, then goodbye Scottish football.

  19. I’m a huge Barca and Messi fan, and I absolutely loathe Ronaldo, but I have to sympathize with him just a little. He gets compared to Messi every day everywhere he goes. That must get old and I don’t blame him for being sick of it.

  20. If they truly are “ecstatic”, I think they should probably think about it some more and weigh their options.

    The Old Firm matches are the most watched of the season. I’ve read that the TV money will be significantly lessened without these matches happening.

    So, do Celtic want their league to become even weaker than it already is?

  21. Celtic fans are estatic. They hate Rangers and that hatred outweighs the love of the rivalry. I’ve asked the same question to many that I know, and they said they think it will benefit the league. There was a time when the likes of Aberdeen and Hiberian were good and winning the league, and they think the demise of the Rangers will bring back those days. Might be optomistic though.

  22. If Moyes goes to Spurs he should and probably would consider trying to convince Howard to come too. It would be a great move for him and hopefully some UCL play soon. What im wondering is if Donovan was at Everton for Moyes and Howard, would he be open to a loan or even transfer to Spurs? It would be a step up. Tottenham is a great club. I believe Moyes would be a great fit too.

  23. I agree, Im no Rangers or Celtic fan. But you have to have those to in the SPL. I will say the one good that could come from this is the yanks may get to a better club. Well, Edu maybe. Bocanegra possibly because he can still play at a high level but his age is a factor. Bedoya im not sure about.

  24. I’m awaiting your story on Rangers FC, Ives. Things are not looking good. I’m worried for Boca, Edu and Bedoya as well as their fans.

    Even Celtic fans should be upset by this, I would hope. You may hate your rival but you can’t wish them to be gone because then there goes the rivalry and then what?


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