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USA vs. Guatemala: Match Night Commentary



The U.S. Men's National Team can take control of their World Cup Qualifying group tonight with a win in the hostile environment in Guatemala City as the Americans take on Guatemala at Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores.

The Americans come in off a 3-1 qualifying win against Antigua & Barbuda, a sloppy victory, but a win that put the team closer to qualification. Guatemala enters the match in must-win mode after losing their opening match to Jamaica, 2-1, in Kingston.

Fabian Johnson is back in the lineup for the USA, a huge relieve for Jurgen Klinsmann, who will field a full-strength defense tonight. The key for that defense will be containing Carlos Ruiz, the tricky striker is a handful and will lead the Guatemala attack.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (tonight's commentary is after the jump):



  1. Jozy needs to get fit without a doubt. I wonder where we would be if Onyewu, Holden, and Davies never suffered the devastating injuries that they have?

  2. We need the creativity of a guy like Freddy Adu to bolster the attack. Jones and Edu don’t provide anything in that regard. Give me:


    Donovan Bradley Torres Adu

    Johnson Bocanegra Goodson Cherundolo


  3. obviously a win would have been better but seriously, i did not think it was that bad. the criticism on this message board is a little extreme. I thought Edu actually had a good game as did Bradley and they controlled the tempo for large stretches. finishing needs to improve. and it just seems like Jozy is not putting in 100% and doesn’t try hard especially when you see Gomez flying around and putting pressure on the defenders. but i’ll take a tie and the point.

  4. Donovan needs to grow a pair and attack instead of pass off all the time.

    Near the end he got the into the goal area with the ball, 1 man to beat, and he passes square rather than attack. Its no good

  5. I feel sick. I am not an angry guy, but I want to punch a Guatemalan player. Dirty, mean, overacting divers.

    Ref was crap. Altidore goal should have counted–why not give the advantage?!?

    Easy goal at the end there…but Altidore makes a DEAD STOP on his run in the box.

    US looks like crap these last four games.

  6. OK, enough of the panic. Is there a math major around to determine what we need in terms of points to get to the next round?

    Also: Torres is the string puller we need.

    Also also: Landon is very timid and seems to avoid all 1-v-1 situations. Didn’t take on a single defender.

    Also3: Tough place to play a game; not the end of the world.

  7. Not really. Non of them can really carry it in or make that final killer pass that creates a shot. Klinsmann has to go back to the drawing board and get an Adu or Benny type player on this team. Were too deensive

  8. True dat,Ozzy. And this was our best team unless JK finds more Germans with American passports. They are not buying in or playing hard for the guy

  9. A much poorer performance than the AB game in my opinion. Maurice Edu is the king of bad giveaways at this point. Jozy Altidore is effing useless. Gomez didn’t have his best night but he was at least mixing it up.

  10. Anyone who has watch the USA play lately knew they would fade badly in the last 15 minutes. Klinsmann and his fitness coach need to figure this out. If you’re going to take all those fouls, you must have a idea/threat on set pieces. USA had a dozen sets without one shot on goal. Not Landon’s fault, and whats with Gomez and Jones taking free kicks? I don’t even like Jones crossing mid-field. Best game from Edu in a long time. Shame there were so many silly touches instead of shots late in game.

  11. It is obvious that Klinsmann was a figurehead when he was coach of Germany and Low was the real coach. Fact:Klinsman refused to call in 3 defenders who play in the best league in the world including 2 central defenders. But instead JK called in Gooch, Boca (who is clearly over the hill) Goodson, . Donovan is useless and squandered his talent by not staying in the Prem. preferring to play the 3rd rate MLS. Now that Donovan is slowing down his failure to sharpen his skills in the EPL are obvious. Also Kljestan has improved greatly but the pseudo coach Klinsman feels Beckerman is a better choice which is laughable. Look at Klinsmann’s record a figurehead coach of Germany with an unimpressive WC showing and then half a season at Bayern Munich before being fired. Maybe some day the US will have a real coach.

  12. Donovan decided that he is not going try to dribble past anyone tonight. He has not tried to get around the defense save once. His free kick delivery is pathetic. . We need to get Johnson on the ball much more. We didnt create enough clear chances tonight. This was a game we should have stolen the 3 points. you can’t do anything about that kind of free kick.
    I disagree on those who said Bradley had a good game. Liked his energy and positioning. Edu had too many turnovers. I want to see Jozy back in the starting line up. I think that he and Clint play the short game very well. That will come in handy in crowded CONCACAF road games.

  13. Cue the freakouts. We drew 1-1 AT Guatemala people. We’re tied for 1st in the group. We get them at home next time. The level of overreaction is amazing.

  14. Jermaine jones no more free kicks. As for Guatarapeourplayers played hard and beat us up yet we accumulate more yellows???? Landon Donovan SHOOT the ******* ball. News flash team we don’t make that final great pass instead put it on the goal keeper force saves and create havoc….

  15. Bradley, Jones, and Edu are very good players, the best midfielders we have available but I wouldn’t call them creative. We have a d-mid and two box-to-box mids out there.

  16. Embarrassing. We were outplayed. This team is not playing for JK and for 3 games in a row he has either not made the correct adjustments or had no game plan.


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