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Where will you be watching Guatemala-USA?

Donovan (Getty Images)

By now you're surely aware that the U.S. men's national team's World Cup qualifier against Guatemala tonight at Estadio Mateo Flores will not be available on broadcast television and is only available via pay-per view or by purchasing the match online at

Regardless of the lack of U.S. television coverage, the match is still capable of being seen, either by forking over the $30 it costs to order the match at home or by going out to a local bar or restaurant that will be ordering the game and showing it.

For those still searching for some viewing options and wondering why the game is not readily available, U.S. Soccer has released a list of confirmed places that will be showing the game across the country in addition to an FAQ sheet detailing the process for distributing the broadcast rights for qualifiers held outside of the United States.

Where will you be watching tonight's match? 

Share your plans and any places in your area that you know are showing the match, and feel free to extend any watch-party invites to your fellow SBI readers in the comments section below.


  1. match tracker on
    Always the same deal when we are away @ Guatamugla. (i really don’t know how to spell it and am fine with that)

  2. We tried to get it at a local small pub. They were told it was $650 to show it. They wouldn’t make enough to cover that with a half dozen tables and a bunch of bar stools. Too bad….

    So if you go out and they are showing it….. Spend some money because the bar already did!

  3. I went to a “soccer bar” in charleston for the USA vs A&B game this past weekend and I had to ask them to turn it to that channel and i was the only one watching the game 🙁 lame!

  4. Anybody buying this thing in West LA? I can’t make it from work to the posted bars by kickoff.
    I buy good beer 😀

  5. I have FSC and a couple of extra sports stations but I do not have the Hispanic Tier anymore (not sure why that happened because I had it).

    I’m not buying tonight. If it was the hex, maybe.

    Enjoy, whichever way you decide to watch it!

  6. I have watched a couple games at Cheers on Augusta Rd. I subscribe to FSC & an extended sports pkg so I watch a lot of games at home. I am really surprised there aren’t more options here. Besides good programs at Furman & Clemson, there must be 3,000 kids playing club soccer at CESA & there is a good sized Hispanic population. I am still trying to decide if I want to fork over the $ to watch on PPV 🙁

  7. Not paying Traffic Sports is absolutely the right thing to do. If they lose money on the PPV the incentive will be less for high bids the next time a banana republic hosts a USA game and auctions off the rights. Other US broadcasters bid but not enough to win and turn a profit. In the future maybe Guatemala and others like them will be more realistic in their expectations after watching Traffic take a bath on this (hopefully).


  8. i will be on a SF to DC flight – thanks to United, my plans to watch the match at Slainte in Baltimore were scuttled. Enjoy the match, Baltimore Brigade!

    GO USA!

  9. Good to know when I move to Dallas in a few months that I will have a place to watch the rest of the 3rd round and then the hex.

    Houston’s letting me down bigtime.

  10. MG3, I’m in the Triangle. You’d think SOMEBODY would have purchased it here given the popularity in the region, but no Rudinos, Ale Houses, or Draft House. 🙁

  11. FYI: Telemundo IS a US owned network.

    I hate that the game is PPV. The biggest , unavoidable, sad fact is, unfortunately that there is a tiny market for USMNT games in this country. If there were a larger audience and money to be made, you can bet the major networks would have found a way to buy the rights.

    The fact that Telemundo televises Mexico has nothing to do with good will, it has to do with the fact that there is a huge, passionate fan-base who absolutely will watch every game they play.

    I will say that I hold US Soccer partially responsible. They do a horrendous job of promoting the sport in general, and absolutely nothing to promote games. You have to be a dedicated fan and actively, aggressively seek out information as to where, when and how games can be seen. Unforgivable!

    A Mexico game played in the US gets far more promotion w/ TV, radio ads well in advance.

  12. Someone may have mentioned this already in the posts, but the MLS Extratime Radio crew is hosting a party in NYC at The Hill. Claims to have free food, and there won’t be any cover to watch the game. Because the game is on later this evening I can’t make it myself due what would be a late night riding NJ Transit back out to the burbs, but it’s a pretty good deal. Kudos to those guys for making it a little easier for some folks to watch the game.

  13. Nope…new site though.

    Fados in Austin TX is charging $10 cover! BOOOOOOO! Mister Tramps is not even showing it.


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