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Boyd scores twice and delivers assist in Rapid Vienna’s season-opening win


If Terrence Boyd was hoping to enjoy a solid performance in his professional debut at the club level, he did just that. And then some.

Boyd delivered a Man of the Match-worthy performance in Rapid Vienna's season-opening 4-0 victory over Wacker Innsbruck on Saturday, scoring twice and setting up another goal in the rout. The performance came in Boyd's first official match with the Austrian team and is just the latest accomplishment in a summer that saw the 21-year-old striker transfer clubs and earn his first start for the U.S. men's national team.

Boyd started in the match and he did not have to wait long for his first professional goal, as he netted the winner four minutes in. He then assisted on Viena's third goal before closing out the scoring in the second half.

You can watch the goals and assist here.

What do you think of Boyd's performance? Expecting him to have a breakout season with Rapid Vienna? 

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  1. If you recall, Bunbury subbed for Juan in the Cuba game and then started for him in the Canada game after he tore his meniscus. Boyd subbed out Teal in the Canada game.

    It was Teal’s impotence that probably opened the door for Boyd. And if you think about it Teal was Boyd before Boyd was Boyd except Teal wasn’t as good at being Boyd as Boyd was.

  2. If you go to the players section of the MLS website they show Agudelo starting about half of his Chivas games and being an “unused sub” for the rest.

    What is disturbing is he has been an “unused sub” for the last three in a row. The designation presumably means he is healthy.

  3. Minor details that I like:

    He is consistently referred to as American.

    Spectacular bicycle kicks are becoming his specialty.

  4. from

    “Agudelo underwent surgery on March 25 when he was a member of the Red Bulls in order to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee that occurred while the 19-year-old forward was with the US Under-23 squad during the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament. The injury ultimately kept Agudelo out until May 3, but just weeks later, he was dealt to Chivas, where he has logged heavy minutes.

    Since joining the club, Agudelo has been a key part of the Goats offense, making eight appearances in all competitions and going the distance in four contests, a far cry from his sporadic play in New York.”

  5. here is a little food for thought…If Agudelo didn’t get injured, Boyd would have never seen the pitch durig the U23 qualifiers. Of course they are different type of players but nevertheless, some people (coach) seen things different.

  6. If Juan can’t get on the field in MLS what makes you think he will get on the field in Europe?

    If Juan wants to play with better players he needs to be much more impressive right where he is so that someone will take a chance on him.

    This is not a guy with a proven track record in a slump, like say Kenny Cooper or even EJ.

    He barely has a track record. He needs to start building one. I’m not too hard on Juan, he needs to start being harder on himself if he wants a better career.

    I rate Wondo but I do not think he will ever be a major player for the US unless JK starts playing more 4-4-2, something I do not think he is inclined to do. Even then some combo of Jozy, Boyd, Gomez and maybe even Sapong would seem to be ahead of him in the pecking order.

    Still JK values goalscorers like Wondo and seems determined to find a role for him.

  7. He had a hand in every goal (made a good run to free up the guy that scored the 2nd as well as the 2 goals and an assist), and he almost hit another bicycle kick. I know it’s Austria, but there is reason for excitement with this guy.

  8. if you look around at other national teams it’s very rare to see a 19 year old getting a game. Agudelo is just not ready for the NT. As far as his form at Chivas, I have not seen any Chivas games. There’s very little MLS on TV where i live.

    I hear what you are saying. But i think you’re being too hard on Agudelo. I think he needs to go over to Europe so he can be on the field with players that have better technical ability. He needs to be around other players with good football IQ.

    As far as Wondo. If I were JK I probably would call him up for the Mexico friendly. It doesn’t hurt finding out if what he’s doing in MLS can transfer internationally. Even though he is a poacher, goals are goals.

  9. Andy,

    You did not read what I wrote.

    This is not fantasy football, this is real football. Actual production in the real world matters.

    Wondo produces, Juan does not.

    Agudelo has more talent and skill than Wondo and most any other US player actually.

    But this is not reflected in his performance.
    And if he can’t perform on a consistent, reliable basis he is useless. If he could
    NYRB would have kept him or he would be terrorizing the league at Chivas.

    A guy with his talent should be dominating MLS but he can’t get on the field.

    I don’t know what the problem is whether it is injury or mental but until he solves it and gets himself on the field he is useless;

    I don’t care how old he is.

    Eddie Gaven was an exciting prospect at 17-18 and then seemed to regress to where he is today, a good average MLS player. At 25 he still could be a later re-bloomer so to speak but it seems unlikely.

    I hope Agudelo does not take for granted that his talent and skill alone is enough to get him to the top because it isn’t.

    Don’t take my word for it, take the word of the managers that are releasing him or are not playing him.

  10. Agudelo is only 19. You’re already comparing him to Eddie Gaven?

    how long have you been watching football? Do you know what to look for when evaluating a player?

    Here are just some things to look for:How is the players awareness? his soccer IQ? How is his positioning? How is his first touch? Does he panic in the box? Is he capable of passing out when he is boxed in? how does he read the game? Some of these are related. In all of these cases Agudelo is far superior to a player like Wondolowski

    If you think evaluating a player boils down to “omg he is 19 and he is not scoring enough for his club” then i don’t know what to tell ya.

  11. “skills can be perfect for the next level, ”

    Sure, if he could harness them with any consistency. But he can’t.

    There is such a thing as sample size. Wondo has 8 caps but very few actual minutes. I’ve seen all his appearances and he has played well but has been unlucky not to score.

    Juan has 15 caps and a lot more actual minutes than Wondo. His two goals were really nice but he has also spent a lot of time on the field for the US running around in circles.

    Juan is trending down, Wondo is trending up.

    Right now, on the field, whether it is in MLS or for the USMNT, Wondo is a far more dangerous proposition, far more likely to score a goal.

    And guess what, looking at how the call ups for the US are going, JK agrees with me. JK also likes Joe Corona who,it just so happens, occupies the same niche Juan does.

    Juan is trending down, Wondo and JC are trending up.

    If Juan does not do a better job of getting his act together for Chivas, of all places, then he certainly does not deserve a shot at the USMNT. He should be dominant there not scratching for PT.

    The South Africa and Argentina games were so yesterday’s news. Heard Mix Diskerud’s name mentioned lately?

    Juan is too young and talented to write off but no one should take anything for granted and right now Juan has a chance to flush his career down the toilet if he does not shape up.

    He could be Juan “Eddie Gaven ” Agudelo.

  12. There are definite downsides to our not qualifying, but Boyd’s the exception.

    With no further U-23 prospects, bringing him to the full USMNT despite his not having made his pro debut was the right decision. He put some good shots on goal and showed he belonged.

    Missing the Olympics will let him get 3+ games in for Rapid before the Azteca friendly and will do nothing but boost his confidence heading into that match.

  13. You said it already. He scored goals. What has Wondo done? Flub chances, see the difference there?

    I quite clearly said in a USMNT kit and you really can’t argue that Wondo has been more of an asset than Juan was when he was getting called in. Wondo has done absolutely nothing in his appearances, Juan has.

    Wondo’s game fits perfectly in the team he is in and the league he is in at San Jose. It has not translated over. Agudelo is much more dynamic and those skills can be perfect for the next level, Wondo is a poacher and unlike greats such as Ruud Van Nistelrooy he is not as clinical in front of goal.

  14. I’m not happy about not qualifying for the Olympics. However, it allows young players like Boyd to enter preseason, settle with their teams and get more playing time.

  15. terrance boyd is better than every usa striker but Jozy Altiodore and Herc Gomez…. Great performance, but lets hold off on this kid for a year with senior national team call ups. let him get settled at Rapid then we’ll see after this year if hes Brazil 2014 material…. IMO in a few years this guy should be starting every game for the USMNT as a true #9!!!! Finally!!!!

  16. This is one of those rare instances, GW, where I am in total agreement with you 🙂 Agree with every point you make. Bob Bradley was calling up Agudelo for the USMNT before he had done anything at the club level to warrant a call-up. It’s now looking doubtful that Agudelo will get another call-up from Klinsmann before WC 2014. I actually think he might be more suited as an attacking midfielder than a striker.

    Anyone know what has happened to Agudelo, why he has not been on the Chivas roster the past few weeks?


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