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Carr drives Dynamo to win vs. Sporting KC

DynamoKC (Getty)

Calen Carr had not started for the Houston Dynamo in more than a month, but he made up for lost time on Wednesday night, scoring both goals in another Dynamo victory at BBVA Compass Stadium.

Carr scored two goals, set up by Will Bruin and Brad Davis, to topple Sporting Kansas City, 2-1. A Peterson Joseph red card near the end of the first half made Sporting KC's chance of escaping Houston with a point or three all but impossible.

Carr broke a 1-1 deadlock in the 79th minute, finishing off a Brad Davis pass to help the Dynamo record their third win in five matches and push Houston into fourth place in the Eastern Conference, two points behind third-place D.C. United.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the match? Surprised to see Carr make such an impact? Impressed with Sporting Kansas City's ability to defend despite being a man down? Think the Dynamo can make a run at first place in the East?

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  1. Kandji was pretty anonymous last night. I don’t think it helped Collin was one eye on him. Both Collin and Taylor were shutting down their people. Says as much about the defenders as anything.

    I appreciate that DK has cast aside his usual formational straitjacket because it was NOT maximizing this roster. The net result has been to leverage wing players like Kandji and Boniek while minimizing the lack of quality depth up front beyond Bruin (PKs aside, Ching is not playing well and this avoids a forced start every week). Also playing 3 mids hides the lack of depth there….you only have to start one CM, though he has insisted on Camargo at RM some games which I am not a fan of.

    However, I do think that Davis is being wasted in his more central role, and we’re 1-2 quality mids from being good there. I also think we need to seriously look at Creavalle at LB because Ashe is a liability. From Creavalle’s CM cameos people should already see the ball skill and tenacity. Just slide that into Corey’s spot.

    I also think Kinnear needs to work on the subs, still. I really did not get sending Ching’s target play in for Kandji’s speed, but then you pull Bruin and put in Ownby. Like for like subbing would have made more sense for tactical consistency. If you want two Fs then Ownby for Kandji. If you want to freshen the players in 433 you make the same subs just like for like. I think he’s better tinkering with starters than internal game management.

  2. I really can’t stand a central Davis. Even in the classic 442 he’ll drift inside too much especially if the team is not performing well which in my opinion just makes things worse.

  3. I think Dom has really done a nice job with the team this year. I have sat behind him for several seasons now and I have never seen him ‘coach’ as much as he has done this season. Switching formations has a lot to do with it but who thought we’d be running a 433? Speaking of that he was ripping Kandji last night.

  4. That’s Kinnear talk. He is best used as a chalk on the boots technical wing on the left like last year. The team is starting to gel but Davis is not as productive as last year and our crossing is mediocre as a team. One good Davis cross is worth 10 aimless Ashe/ Hainault efforts. For all the good the 433 has done in maximizing some of the attacking talent on hand, using Davis more centrally wastes his talents a little. But then we’ve done that with wingers before, Holden, Cameron.

  5. Clark would be a CM upgrade (Creavalle? Moffat? Sturgis? Camargo? Watson?), but you’d ideally need to move bodies elsewhere to not waste roster room with redundancy. I think CM is one of the few remaining upgrade spots (along with LB). Ideally we should be acquiring an attacking CM but in our style of play right now I think Clark can do the destroying and the rest of the attack can do their job, and it might work well enough for a championship.

    Aluko to the extent he’s a RM would be redundant of Boniek.

    I don’t think Bedoya is much of an upgrade over what’s already here. What we need is a CM who can ballhandle, maybe break up plays. Bedoya does not scream that.

  6. If you do a mistimed two footer in the open field you are taking a risk. It could have been yellow but the violent appearance of it all merited red.

    That being said, the ref was not consistent, he’d let something like the shove on Boniek go, sometimes call awkward tackles and sometimes not. But the iffiness went both ways.

    I think we are tinkering with the lineup because of current and upcoming fixture congestion (CCL later this year), the need to adjust from Cameron, and also the fact that the team is pretty good but doesn’t have a full 11 of studs. If we transfer Cameron I think it becomes important if there are other moves. The impressive outing was over the weekend with Cameron, this was tighter and more lucky. I think we could really use Rico, and maybe a trade of DMs for backs or attacking depth.

    To the extent that you’re suggesting Ashe’s pedestrian crossing (I could hit you a better ball) — over a career not just one night — is made up for by defense, the assist on their goal was a cross from his side where he was not close enough to the crosser. I think Houston can get away wth 90% of its veterans, warts and all (some are slow or older or….), but Ashe is a weak link.

    Two things I am pleased with is that Boniek is a real rather than postured right side solution (we play pretend sometimes), and that in contrast to Kinnear’s usual veteran pecking order the modestly productive Ching has become a routine sub rather than a “victory lap” starter. I think that gives us a better chance of winning now.

  7. Clark is the rumor most likely to happen because the Dynamo still have his MLS rights. I would LOVE to see the Dynamo have Aluko but as Hogatroge has said, he’s subject to allocation. Also, Carr’s first goal WAS against 11 men. It isn’t impossible lol

  8. Agree about Ashe. I’ve cringed on practically every one of his crosses this season. I’ve lamented his failure to provide easy through passes for chances on goal. I’ve decried his excessive back passing.

    In all seriousness, though, I think the Dynamo’s midfield is in excellent shape, though I’m said to see one of the better players overall (Cameron) go.

    Davis, Camargo, Watson, Carr, Creavalle, Clark, and Ownby can really play any position on the pitch. Most of those guys can play as wingers as well, and some can slot in at fullback if absolutely needed.

  9. I think Bedoya would be subject to allocation since he’s been capped for the US in official competitions.

  10. Love that the Dynamo are finding the back of the net, but would like to see it against a full line up not just 10 men.

    What’s up with the Ricardo Clark rumors? Why not ex-rangers Alejandro Bedoya or Sone Aluko?

  11. Thought Dynamo deserved to win. The bossed ,ost of the match even before the red card. Game was marred by inconsistent reffing. Based on how the first 44 minutes were called I was surprised the tackle by Joseph was a straight red.

    Dynamo are still struggling to find right line up. Loss of Cameron and injury to Moffit are making midfield decisions difficult. That said, Garcia looks like a great pick up. Dangerous and slippery with the ball; good engine too. I like him.

    Corey Ashe needs to work on crossing and decision making in final third. He’s a pretty good defender but the offensive part of hiss game needs some work.


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