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CONCACAF: Real Salt Lake vs. Herediano (Match Night Commentary)

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Major League Soccer's quest to have a team win the CONCACAF Champions League title resumes tonight in Costa Rica, where Real Salt Lake will take on Herediano in their first match of the group stage (10pm, FOX Soccer Channel).

RSL has traveled to Heredia, where they will be hoping Costa Rican striker Alvaro Saborio can lead a veteran squad in a match made all the more vital by the smaller groups in the tournament group stage. With just three teams per group, and just the winner advancing to the quarterfinals, all four matches are important for qualification.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):



  1. Borchers gets a red and then Olave gets hurt. Kreis is trying to keep the game close and try for a few key chances. Replacing a defender for an offensive player like you’re suggesting makes sense in a title game when there is nothing else to play for but since this is the first game of CONCOCAF with three more to go means you don’t do something stupid and allow the other team with more players than you to open up the game by scoring more and increasing the goal differential.

    If RSL beats Herediano by two or more goals in RioT than they will have a better goal differential over them. Of course they must beat Tauro FC in both games so the pressure is on. Kreis played it right.

  2. The mentality can be said by the subs used by Kreis. Why on earth do you make two defensive subs, down a man, and spend three-four minutes playing possession behind the half. Quite disappointed in borchers, harsh or not, why do you even consider making that play. Everyone including his mom knew it was straight red. I don’t care about a 1-0 loss more than a 4-0 loss. Real is better than this, however, the moment was to big to use your head borchers especially after we dominated the start of the second half. Please Kreis, sub in a forward every now and then. Why is he in love with subbing the defense but the forwards never play? Bad mentality, you actually played to lose, when you were losing.

  3. What are you talking about? Losing 1-0 in an away game is not a step behind. It is the difference between playing at home and playing two time zones away. Those two teams were equals. Anyone watching the game would agree with that.
    The only league we are a step behind to in North America is Mexico.
    The funny thing is five years ago MLS was a step behind nearly every league in North America. We are growing. The players should have put in more of an effort up front. But don’t poop your pants yet.

  4. You are a swell fellow. I bet you have lots of friends. Good luck in life.
    For one thing, the game still has 10 minutes. On another note, it is not like RSL hasn’t had the bulk of possession and plenty of chances as well. It just didn’t happen. You win some, you lose some. We will still advance. It is only one goal differential.

  5. International tournament or not, I love seeing RSL get shut out. I wonder what excuses Kreis is going to give for this loss? Were there divots on the field? Did a fan say something bad about your mother? Was their water too cold? Was the plane ride shaky and it made the players nervous? Go ahead Kreis, surprise me and take the loss like a man instead of a whiny baby like every other time.

  6. Horrible horrible display by RSL. There is no excuse for this. I dont give a f*ck about the travel, the rainy season or the hostile environment. How am I suppossed to believe this league is progressing when MLS teams continue to sh!t eggs in this competition? Why is Johnson and Gravaboy playing? They both blow.


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