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D.C. United to announce new ownership partners Tuesday

D.C. United (Getty Images)

A new era is about to begin for D.C. United.

As expected, D.C. United officially announced they would introduce new members of the club's ownership on Tuesday afternoon. Current owner Will Chang and club president and CEO Kevin Payne will be on hand with the new members of the expanded group and they will all discuss the future of the club, with the topic of a soccer-specific stadium surely to be addressed.

The two new owners are reportedly Philadelphia 76ers minority owners Erick Thohir and Jason Levien. Thohir is an Indonesian media magnate while Levien is a former player agent who had a stint in the Sacramento Kings' front office previously.

What do you think of United announcing new partnership? Excited? Think a stadium deal will get done in the next couple of years, or has all of your optimism already been spent?

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  1. DCU did a survey of their fans a couple years ago. In his interview to Sport Business Daily, DCU’s president and ceo Kevin Payne that more United fans live in Virginia “than any other area.” Payne: “We would love to be in Virginia. … The ideal location would probably be Tysons Corner, but it’s very difficult to make a stadium work in Virginia because the state and municipalities will not provide any credit enhancement at all.” According to DCU’s front office Virginia is the ideal location for the new stadium in terms of convenience to the majority of their fanbase, but Vriginia will not provide any financing to the stadium, which makes DC the next best option.

  2. FedEx is damn near a mile from the closest Metro station and I had no problems getting there from the US-Brazil game. If we don’t get a metro stop at BP then we will use the Navy Yard and just walk. The guy is acting as if RFK isnt a slight walk from the Stadium Armory stop smh. Im simply excited about the prospect of the stadium.

  3. i can only hope. i would love to see DC become a powerhouse again. DC should be able to attract big names, just like LA and NY. we have a better history than both of those teams, especially NY, and DC is a sweet city. weather kind of sucks, but same for NY.

    i hope this turns into a great signing and i hope they can get a stadium IN the city.

  4. i agree this guy is being ridiculous, but i’d like to see stats on DCU’s fanbase. MD people always say they are the majority of fans, VA people say they are, and DC people say they are. does anyone have any stats to back any of these claims up?

  5. Even though the Buzzards Point location is a hefty hike from the metro, it should be a great place for a lovely, lively new DC United stadium. Tailgates will still be crazy and the atmosphere will be outstanding. A HUGE thank you is in order for Mr. Chang, and to Mr. Thorhir and Levien, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  6. Look what has happened to the EPL, half the owners are all foreigners, but money talks. Just ask Manchester City who used to be a lesser mid-table squad and now have transformed into a title contenders.

  7. Although in Coach Olsen and the FO’s defense, Boscovic has been a good signing/re-signing. He has an excellent first touch and set piece service. From all accounts, he’s class off the field, too.

    Plus, United already has one guy that you can’t bench in DeRo. I doubt a team can handle more than one of those. Although after DeRo retires that might be an issue to replace his services…

  8. I do think a stadium will get done — sooner than a couple of years. Which is awesome!!

    I wish the proposed site was a little closer to a Metro stop. Also, although it seems cool to have it so close to the Nationals site, it will be a real clusterfork when the teams are playing home games at the same time. Even with only 17 home games, that’s gonna happen a few times each year. However, it’s a small burden to bear to have a new facility, and an ownership group that might have the resources to bring in top-tier talent, instead of second or third-level Central/Eastern European “stars”….

  9. It’s all about you, right? Y’know that half of the team’s fan base lives in DC and Maryland?

    Define “forever”. If you want it Metro accessible, then I guess you’re not going to be driving. So, it’s really about how fast you can get there by Metro, right? Please allow an extra half-hour on weekends for track work.

    Also, define Metro accessible. The Buzzards Point site is about a mile — at least until and unless the streetcar line moves from the drawing boards to the street. It’s a hike for those who don’t get around easily.

  10. I was kind of hoping it would be the guy on the far right, in the chicken suit. He might have been able to arrange corporate sponsorship from Colonel Sanders. “I hated the Colonel, with his wee, beady eyes.”

  11. It’s worth noting that Erick Thohir is expected to get a majority interest in the club so in effect DCU will have new owners, not just “new partners.” Will Chang will now be a minority partner.

    I hope this will mean we finally get the stadium deal done, and that they will be good for United and MLS.

  12. Excited if this leads to a new, soccer specific stadium that is Metro accessible and doesn’t take forever to get to from Northern Virginia. Apathetic if it doesn’t.


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