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Dynamo roll into third place in East after beating Impact for third straight victory

DynamoWinAgain (Getty)

The Houston Dynamo winning at home is not a new development, but scoring goals with regularity sure is.

That is what the Dynamo are doing these days, and the latest example of Houston's new-found attacking prowess came on Saturday, as a pair of Mac Kandji goals propelled the Dynamo to a 3-0 victory over the Montreal Impact at BBVA Compass Stadium on Saturday night.

Dynamo standout Brad Davis made a rare appearance off the bench, and he made up for lost time by delivering two assists as a second-half substitute to close out the match. Davis set up goals for Kandji and Bobby Boswell to close out a comfortable victory in a match where Montreal never really threatened.

The Houston offense has shown improvement in recent weeks, posting nine goals in their past three matches after starting July by being shutout on two straight occasions. The addition of Oscar Boniek Garcia, and the Dynamo's shift to a 4-3-3 has helped the club boost an attack that struggled to create chances consistently earlier in the season.

The victory improved the Dynamo's home record to 7-0-3, tied with New York for the league's best, while Montreal dropped to a woeful 1-10-1, the most road losses in the league.

Here are the match highlights:


What did you think of the match? Impressed with Houston's offense? Enjoying watching them in a 4-3-3 formation? Disappointed by Montreal continued struggles on the road? 

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  1. Corporate and $$$ seats, they make a big difference in attendance, vs ‘butts-in-seats’. If you have enough money to buy the seats, you also have enough money to not not care it if you miss the game and waste the ticket…

  2. Well, this in regard to empty seats (and this is not sarcasm), it really irritates me how late arriving our crowds are becoming. It’s like we are L.A. or something. Seriously people, get your butts in your seats before kickoff. The place will be 85% empty five minutes before kickoff, 65% empty at kickoff, and it doesn’t actually fill up until a good 15-20 minutes into the match. WTH?

  3. All those empty seats… I’m guessing MLS is re-thinking having a team in Houston. It is a brand new stadium and they cannot seem to fill it…

    Note how often one sees this comment with regard to Montreal. Note the critique and the sarcasm…

  4. I’m a Dynamo fan and there was no penalty there. That is without a doubt the best tackle I’ve seen all season. He hustled, simple as that.

  5. This is the Dynamo SOP. Play steady until mid-season transfers, then big run to the cup. come on JC, this team does not have the biggest names, but is DEEP. You know Dom’s philosophy, win at home tie on the road. And WIN NOW!

    The biggest question is, can we land a player with the open cash we have. Rumors for Rico are growing. I think more attacking, but?.?.?.

  6. Dynamo fan here, and I completely agree with the call.

    The defender’s lucky Kandji left his feet though, or else that would have been a red and a PK.

  7. If you look at home versus road, the question is going to be if we can repeat that KC game, because overall this team is Jekyll and Hyde home versus road.

  8. Was it Glenn Davis? I think he’s just bland and boring, and ERob as color guy is too much the organizational cheerleader.

  9. I think we need to work on getting Davis more involved in games, and outside of potshots. In the playoffs you’re going to need that Davis-Boswell capability as much or more than that first goal style cause I can’t imagine teams will let Calen Carr pass them up. It’s nice to see him productive but I think Kandji and Boniek and Bruin are more dependable players over the course of a season. If DK is still starting Carr and benching Davis as things progress I think he’s nuts.

  10. Clearly the performance has improved with the Boniek move and 433 formation. But I think Cameron is just being superficially scapegoated because he played part in the 4-0 DC game last week.

    I have a more guarded estimation of the team. I think the Boniek move makes us top 5. But we’re going to be doubling up games with the CCL soon. Our home record remains far different than our road record. There is no #10 — I think we need at least a Rico-type if not a DeRo/ Holden tablesetter — and the defense, while decent, can look shaky.

    I feel much more comfortable right now with our regular season prospects than the playoffs. Signing Rico would make me feel better.

  11. Kris a lot of the defensive gaffes were the fault of Geoff Cameron. He was very distracted when he heard of interest from abroad. He did do well in the last game he played for us as a defensive midfielder though.

    Jermaine Taylor has stepped in nicely. He is easily our most consistent centerback.

  12. The steady climb. This, in essence, IS the Dynamo. They get hot in the second half of the season and use summer window additions to put them into the playoffs. That’s 5 games without a goal in the run of play. After a gaffe filled first half of the season for the defense, it’s great to see them get back to their brick wall ways. Especially considering most of the games were without Geoff Cameron (Good luck at Stoke btw!).

  13. It’s great to see players running at defenses — Kandji, Carr and Boniek especially. And in the last few games Brad Davis seems to have developed a right foot…at least 3 right-footed shots from Davis that I can think of that have been threatening. Loving the 4-3-3.

  14. I am impressed with a few things:
    1) Houston made a high-profile signing that worked out well (Landin wasn’t good and Costly was just OK)
    2) Kinnear moved away from his typical 4-4-2 and opponents have had a tough time compensating. He is coaching to the talent rather than forcing them into his system.
    3) Defensive depth and organization is great

  15. Go Dynamo! Now, if they can win at least another 4 or more games on the road in addition to staying undefeated at home we’ll be in a good spot for the playoffs. Go Dynamo!


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