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Farfan added to MLS All-Star team

Farfan (Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Union will have more of a presence as the MLS All-Star Game's host team after all.

Midfielder Michael Farfan was added to the MLS roster by Ben Olsen Tuesday, joining Union captain Carlos Valdes as All-Star members from the host team. Farfan is not replacing anybody on the roster, but is instead increasing the number of players on the matchday roster to 19. The addition comes a day after Chelsea's request to increase the amount of substitutes in the game be increased to 10 was accepted by MLS.

Farfan has a goal and four assists on the season and has emerged as one of the Union's top attacking threats in his second season in the league.

Think Farfan is deserving of the spot? Should it have gone to someone else on the Union instead?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. noone commenting on the fact that there will be 10 subs!

    does that mean there will be 10 guys on the bench or 10 player changes?

    idk id take MLS’s tenth sub over Chelsea’s tenth sub..

  2. Yeah, seriously! Why play for this fake American wannabe league when you can be thrilling crowds in proper footballing nations like Kazakhstan or the Faroe Islands.

  3. Maybe a bit of a stretch but when looking at the non-European players, why not call Marfan into camp? Who are the MLS-based midfielders/outside forwards ahead of him in the pecking order? A list anyone?

  4. I agree, Freddy. I think you should terminate your contract with the Union and quit the team. You are too good for those clowns.

  5. Ah yes… Nobodies…

    Henry, Beckham, Donovan, De Rosario….

    Only two of the biggest stars in the game 3-4 years ago and 2 of the best homegrown players on the continent…

    Pay attention euro snob…

  6. I don’t believe it’s awful; but I would say that this team, as it is composed, would be fairly different from the MLS “Best XI” roster that say you or I might come up with.

  7. Farfan is quick and has some skill, can do some things you don’t predict, but he’s got a lot of improvement to do in terms of decision-making with the ball. He’s young so I expect to see him become better.

  8. This year’s No Star Team is awful. They should just stopping having these games instead of fielding all these nobodies.

  9. Agreed. M. Farfan has been one of the league’s most creative attackers this year. Much of his great work was cloaked by a first half season helmed by the disastrous Peter Nowak, but he’s actually a pretty fair bet for Camp Cupcake in Jan and a USMNT future if he keeps it up.

    For an appetizer of his potential, here’s his precocious chip-goal against Real Madrid. A thing of beauty:

  10. I agree with you, Fus.

    The game is a day away. Travel from many other parts of the country might take half a day for travel, they’d have no time to gel in practice, and they would be jet-lagged until long after the game.

    Calling up a local is both a nice gesture for the fan base and a practical decision, considering time and travel.

  11. This is clearly an addition designed to please the homers. There are plenty of guys out there who could have been added before him.

    I’m not saying he sucks, this is not worm-hatred on my part. But it’s not a move that adds to the chances of MLS winning, it’s a move made to make people clap more, which obviously they will do, so good for the home fans who will get to see him.

  12. Very talented young player who’s very deserving and could use some additional exposure to a broader audience. I hope that he gets in the game.


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