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Fire add Dutch striker MacDonald as DP

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The Chicago Fire have added some punch to their attack, signing a Designated Player from Europe that is joining the club after spending the last three seasons in Belgium.

The Fire announced Tuesday that they signed Dutch forward Sherjill MacDonald from Belgian Pro League side Germinal Beerschot AC. The 27-year-old scored 15 goals in 82 matches since joining the club in 2009, and his six-foot frame should give Chicago a target forward to compliment the likes of Patrick Nyarko and Marco Pappa.

"Sherjill is a goal scorer who can hold the ball up, attack with pace and is very technically sound," Fire head coach Frank Klopas said in a statement. "He has competed at a high level in Europe and will bolster our attack as we make a push toward the MLS Cup Playoffs."

MacDonald is expected to begin training with his new teammates on Tuesday morning at Toyota Park.

Per club and league policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

What do you think of the Fire signing MacDonald? Think he will do well in MLS? Wishing it would have been a bigger name?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I just don’t see a positive to this. Grazzini offered creativity that is frequently lacking, but Fire lets him go. So they go with this guy after Cahill announcement. Really? Can you bore your fans anymore? There has to be someone the Fire can get who will excite fans and improve the team. I was much more excited about Rolfe returning than this new signing.

  2. A forward with 15 goals in 3 seasons? Franco hits it spot on in the article: he’s “a target forward to compliment the likes of Patrick Nyarko and Marco Pappa.” Compliment not complement.

    “Nice ball, Patrick.”
    “Well struck, Marco.”
    And why not “My, you’re fast, Dom.”

  3. I like how you manage to list RSL, Columbus, Dallas, Colorado, San Jose, and KC consecutively as teams that are doing it wrong. Take a look at these teams’ places in the rankings and/or recent MLS Cup finals.

  4. This guy has an abysmal scoring ratio for a striker in a worse league. Rolfe as a midfielder has an equivalent goal scoring ratio.

    COME THE F ON FIRE. Definitely pleased with my decision not to renew my season tickets.

  5. I was curious where Collins John ended up after Chicago. Somehow he has made his way to Iran. At his last 6 clubs he has scored a total of 3 goals (all of which for the Fire).

  6. “due” much?

    Puppo is only technically a DP because of the way his rights figured into the signing. He, thankfully, is not pulling down DP cash himself.

  7. I don’t see how this is a bad move. The Fire have to do something just to stay in the playoff picture, and as the person above said, Oduro is not much of a threat.
    This dude plays in Belgium, first (not second) division. That’s not bad. Plus he’s only 27. The league needs more DPs like that (cough Ireland).

  8. When the Fire have been on this year, they’ve been tough. Since the beginning of the year we’ve been in need of another striker. The locker room has been good this year and players have been playing for each other. If due diligence was done, and there is a good chance it has been, the Fire may well have picked up solid on and off the field teammate who can take pressure/attention off Oduro and help those around him. The thing is, without the solid #10 (Grazzini) piece of the puzzle out there pulling the strings this move may not really matter nearly as much as it might of before Seba headed back home.
    This move may not due much unless Alex has an amazing run of instant development.

  9. Wikipedia actually lists Puppo as a Fire DP. That can’t be right can it?

    As far as MacDonald goes, at least the Fire signed someone. Is there anything tougher than being a middle of the road team and watching those around you making big moves.

    Besides the Fire are so desperate for goals, he can’t really hurt the team.

    I like Oduro as much as anyone, but the league has figured him out. Keep a body on him and when he shoots he always goes low. Maybe he can be effective off of the bench.

  10. Gabe,
    Thanks, I was confused when Franco didn’t call it the Jupiler league and assumed this team was 2nd division. I stand corrected but my shock is only slightly lessened…

  11. Barrouch started 1 game earlier this year and spent most of the time asking the ref for fouls. He has the size but not the touch to be a target forward. He is young and a work in progress, but so far he is lucky to be in the game day 18.

  12. I repeat,if the Red Bull win MLS Cup with Henry-Cahill-“Marquez”, that will be two teams in a roll winning the MLS Cup with 3 fancy DPs and big cities of the US. So, will the other big cities or small market cities will finally spend money like Galaxy and Red Bull.
    1. Seattle what are they thinking, they can easily get 3 fancy DPs. Montero is a barbie.
    2. Chicago, sad story but I think their name does attract players and their stadium with a stage ufff
    3. Chivas USA should attack the Mexican high profile players and South American players
    4. Portland, Vancouver just open your wallets, its the NW
    5.Houston get your game on, why wait
    6. TFC Montreal should have no problem
    7. RSL open your wallets stingy coach
    8. CREW Fc Dallas Rapids San Jose= WTF
    9. SKC open wallet anytime now
    10. Boston and DC new stadium then will see
    11. Philly WTF no money or what
    12. When Cosmos join, it will be a higher salary cap and 4 dps per team for sure, cant wait

  13. He better shine for DP money. I don’t think any player in the Belgian 2nd division is worth a DP slot. Back around ’07, I was told Chicago made offers to Zidane, Nedved and Figo. All declined but at least Chicago put some effort in. This signing is nuts. Where is the effort?

  14. yeah, how does chicago end up with some 2nd division belgian striker (who can’t even seem to score regularly there) and NY gets tim cahill? if this kid does not light it up there is going to be hell to pay. certainly not going to create any excitement. seriously, second division in belgium???

  15. when MacDonald tweeted weeks ago that he was coming to Chicago, Klopas said “Good for him.” Well, if this guy isn’t worth it – ie another Klopas bust like Nery, Collins John, etc — then it won’t be good for Klopas. almost 3 years after firing a coach for coming a PK shootout short of the MLS cup final, Klopas better have more to show at year’s end than “At least we made the playoffs.”

  16. Not gonna judge him before i see him play, but if i were the chicago fire i would have done everything to get Louis saha’s signature.

  17. hahahahhahaha what? I would rather have Klopas play a 18 year old Gulley than this overpaid scrub. Klopas does just enough to not get fired, hes average and thats all Chicago will be with him in charge.

    P.S. What happened to Barrouch

  18. I guess there was no one available from the indoor or the beach soccer league as a DP so the Fire went for the next best option.

  19. Obviously New York missed out on signing Sherjill Macdonald so they signed Tim Cahill as their back-up option.

    Advantage, Chicago.

  20. Why not? I agree the signing doesn’t have the curb appeal that some other possibilities might, but I for one know little about him. Actually, I know nothing about him. I’d love to hear someone talk about it.

  21. You have to remember that these DP’s are only called that because of transfer fee sometimes…I hope this was one of those times LMAO.

  22. The only part you’re missing is that it will end up being a bad move. Wait, that’s foresight. Never mind you’re missing nothing. Good luck to this guy who’s being massively overpaid.

  23. Is that really only 15 goals in 82 games as a striker in the second division in Belgium? He’s a DP for that? Am I missing something?


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