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Friday Kickoff: Manchester United bids for Van Persie, Lucas rejected & more

RVP (Getty Images)

Robin van Persie is a wanted man among Europe's top clubs, but Arsenal is maintaining their ground before deciding to part ways with their star striker.

The Gunners have reportedly turned down a bid from Manchester United that is said to be not close to one in the £20 million range that is being sought after for the 28-year-old Dutch international. With a year remaining on his contract, Van Persie has said that he will not sign a new deal with the club. As a result, Arsenal run the risk of playing out the season while potentially losing him for nothing unless they accept an offer from one of his suitors, who are said to be United, Manchester City and Juventus.

If Van Persie, who is not accompanying Arsenal on its preseason Asian tour, were to join Manchester United, then the Red Devils would have the top two scorers from the Premier League last season. Van Persie and Wayne Rooney combined for 57 goals a year ago, with Van Persie's 30 giving him the league's golden boot.

Here are a few more stories to get your Friday going:


In addition to looking to sign Van Persie, Manchester United are eyeing a young playmaker to mix in with their cast of veterans, and Sao Paulo rising star Lucas Moura appears to be the apple of Sir Alex Ferguson's eye.

According to Sao Paulo, the Red Devils had a £27 million bid for the 19-year-old Brazilian rejected. Lucas is currently set for a starring role with Brazil's favored Olympic team, and Sao Paulo is holding out for more money after rating Lucas as second only to Neymar in the transfer market. The club had reportedly also turned down offers from Real Madrid and Inter Milan.


In hopes of closing the gap between themselves and giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, Valencia is nearing a signing that would improve the quality of their central midfield.

Valencia and Real Madrid reportedly have an agreement for Argentine international Fernando Gago, who spent last year on loan at AS Roma. With Madrid's glut of talent in the midfield, the 26-year-old Gago struggled to find a place in his fifth year with the club after coming over from Boca Juniors in 2007. 

The development could affect the transfer plans of American Maurice Edu, who has been linked to a move to Valencia by Scottish reports.


Liverpool are not opposed to parting ways with striker Andy Carroll, but the club will not settle for a loan spell for the English international.

Manager Brendan Rodgers ruled out such a move, telling Sky Sports that, "There is talk of him going on loan, but there is absolutely no way I would be looking to loan a player like that, especially after the investment the club have paid."

Liverpool paid £35 million for Carroll, whose former club, Newcastle, has had advances for a loan back to St. James Park turned away. Whether Carroll fits into Rodgers' plans or style of play this season remains to be seen. The club signed Roma striker Fabio Borini to pair with Luis Suarez, making Carroll and odd man out up top for the Reds.


What do you think a Rooney-Van Persie pairing would be able to accomplish? Is Arsenal's reported asking price too high for Van Persie? What about Sao Paulo's valuation of Lucas? Do you think Gago would be a wise signing for Valencia? Do you think Carroll can succeed at Liverpool under Rodgers?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’d be so pissed if van Persie goes to United. Juventus would be my choice.

    Something needs to go down with Arsenal. I can’t say who’s at fault or who’d be better running the club (Usmanov or Kroenke), but it is getting very irritating that the players who have left or wanted to leave have all said the same thing. That there is no huge investment on getting the team in a position to winning trophies. Too many no-name players have been flash-in-the pan and have not helped the team. So, Arsenal’s veterans get impatient and bolt for the exit. It’s exasperating!!

  2. Yeah I am confused why people here think Edu would play some sort of technical attacking role. You still need defensive stoppers even in the most technical league in the world. They could be scouting Edu has a center back for all we know. Or as strictly a defensive holding mid, instead of the central box to box role he usually plays with Rangers.

  3. Barca used Keita quite often in midfield. i am sure that if Valencia is looking at Edu, it is not as a creator or scorer. love how everyone knows best…

    the comments on the brek article are painful to read. people should calm down and watch how things play out more often instead of acting like they know all the answers…

  4. sure, and after he gets as good as Xavi and Ozil he can challenge Messi and Ronaldo to the Ballon d’or and lead the USNT to a World Cup championship.
    This is why your mommy won’t let you use the computer unsupervised.

  5. well, yeah, can’t argue with anything you say. I just think Edu got a raw deal under Bob Bradley, especially during last summer’ Gold Cup when Edu mostly rotted on the bench, and for one reason or another he got (and still gets) a lot of unfair criticism.

    on further reflection about the rumored Valencia move, maybe a big team like Valencia sees Edu mostly as a defensive destroyer to be brought in to protect leads. In my mind, the only USMNT player whose midfield defensive skills are better than Edu’s is Jermaine Jones. i do agree with those who feel Edu’s touch and offensive skills are not among the best on the team. but, after we saw M. Bradley’s offensive skills improve this past year in Italy, who knows, maybe after a year playing in Valencia Edu will be handling the ball and passing like Xavi or Mesut Ozil.

  6. Edu to Valencia? A technically deficient player (even by the USMNT standards) to move to the most technical league in the world? This one made me laugh!

  7. that edu rumor is not BS, multiple places reporting it. but if they get gago, im not so sure they need edu. but then again, he’s cheap.

  8. I believe AL was doubting the veracity of the rumor, not the expertise of valencia’s staff.

    And just doubting that a certain team would move for a certain player doesn’t make them ‘haters’; they just may not see them as good enough for that team. my opinion, FWIW, is that he’d be a useful enough depth player for valencia. he may not see much time, but valencia plays a lot of games in a year.

  9. Well, BFBS and AL, I admit that had someone told me a USMNT player would be moving to Valencia this summer, I would have never dreamed that Mo Edu would be man. That said, who are you guys to judge Valencia’s needs? A team that ends up third in La Liga no doubt has a smart scouting and evaluation staff, and if they think Edu might fit into their plans, then I certainly would not argue with their expertise. They probably think his CL and USMNT will come in handy when the team rotates players during the strenuous La Liga season combined with the CL duties. And maybe the would think about converting him into a defender.

    While the Edu haters no doubt will be crying if Edu moves to Valencia, a lot of us will be cheering for a guy who has played his heart out for the USMNT and hoping like heck that he succeeds.

  10. I respect Mo’s game, but sorry, either he’s not Valencia quality or I understand nothing about soccer. I would think a mid-table Bundesliga club is as well as he could do (and still play).

  11. Very sad today – Claudia Reyna’s 13 year son passed away early today. Had been fighting a brain tumor for 3 years. Prayers to entire Reyna family. I have a 13 year old son – I would be devasted. I can’t imagine the pain he and his wife must be experiencing now.

  12. If Arsenal sell van Persie, which seems very likely now, makes me wonder if they will put in a bid for Dempsey. Arsenal would be a better destination than Liverpool for Deuce.


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