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Friday Kickoff: Modric to Real Madrid, Silva set to sign new City deal & more

Modric (Getty)

Real Madrid's newest Galactico appears to be Luka Modric.

The Croatian playmaker is reportedly set to leave Tottenham to sign a four-year deal with Madrid for a transfer fee in the range of $45 million to $55 million.

According to the report, Modric has agreed to personal terms with Madrid on the contract, but Madrid's compensation to Tottenham still needs to be resolved.

Modric recorded four goals and four assists in 36 Premier League appearances for Spurs last season.

Here are some more stories to kick off your Friday:


Even though the Spaniard, fresh off his side's Euro 2012 title, still has two years left on his contract, he is reportedly set to sign a new five-year deal with City worth $81 million.

Rumors had pegged Silva, who notched six goals and 15 assists in 33 Premier League games for City this past season, for a possible departure to Real Madrid, but the 26-year-old said he has no interest in a move.

"My home is at City and I am totally satisfied there," Silva told the Daily Star. "My head is not at Real Madrid but at Manchester City."


In addition to 20-year-old star Neymar, Brazil's Olympic squad will feature overage players Hulk, Marcelo and Thiago Silva, the federation announced.

Here is Brazil's full squad:

Rafael Cabral (Santos), Neto (Fiorentina); Alex Sandro (Porto), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Rafael (Manchester United), Danilo (Porto), Thiago Silva (AC Milan), Bruno Uvini (Sao Paulo), Juan (Inter Milan); Sandro (Tottenham), Romulo (Spartak Moscow), Paulo Henrique Ganso (Santos), Oscar (Internacional), Lucas Moura (Sao Paulo); Neymar (Santos), Leandro Damiao (International), Alexandre Pato (AC Milan), Hulk (Porto).


What do you think of Madrid seemingly bagging Modric but losing out on Silva? How much of an impact will Modric make with Madrid? And how dangerous is that Brazilian Olympic squad?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I would have to think Khedira is on his way out and Modric and Ozil will form an Iniesta – Xavi type of partnership in the middle for Madrid, with Alonso playing behind them.

  2. $50M might seem like a lot for a squad rotation player. But when you’re Real Madrid and can draw from the national treasury whenever you want to buy another player, costs really don’t matter.

  3. This definitely signals that someone is leaving from madrid. Keeping all these players wouldn’t make sense from financial and team standpoint. They are also reported in getting maicon.

    Ives reported on that potential tournament some days ago, check out the archives.

  4. No ozil is a powerful player I think modric have more of a sharing spot in between xabi Alonso, khedira, and maybe ozil but his biggest job will probably be take kaka’s place

  5. This makes Madrid much better. Modric is overrated? Did any of you watch him in the Euro’s? There are only a handful of great distributing center mids in the world. He’s one of ’em, Barca have the other 4. I’d throw Pirlo and (an in-form) Snjeider into that category as well.Benzema is still a weak spot. If they got RVP, now that’s a fun team to watch.

    Ramos Carvalho Pepe Marcelo

    Alonso Modric Khedira
    Ozil Ronaldo


  6. No news or story on the potential of a 2016 Copa America being in the US? Does that mean you don’t think it’s credible Ives? I’d be interested to hear your take.

  7. He was injured much of the last season and did not play that well when he entered games. I would personally like to see him play a full season but the Modric signing makes that unlikely.

  8. He has been a shadow of his former self throughout his time at Madrid. My guess is that his body has broken down and he cannot get healthy.

    No idea how Kaka could play well with Pastore at PSG — they are similar players. Kaka should head back to Brazil.

  9. You are right I got my stats from the wrong site. I thought Xavi’s assist total was much lower. Also I wasn’t saying Modric was on the level of Xavi just he plays in a similar role. That is why they are two of the leaders in passes completed in Europe.

  10. Xavi led the league in assists two seasons ago and has had 7 each year since. He also scored 10 goals last term, and has way better intangibles than Modric, IMO (first touch, vision, etc). Not a slight on Modric, as Xavi is one of the world’s best, but I wouldn’t put them in the same category of player at all.

  11. Not sure why they need to marginalize/get rid of Kaka for Modric. Kaka played 39 games, had 8 goals and 14 assists. Modric is more of a possession midfielder which is what Olonso does.

  12. Good to see Real Madrid overpaying for players still. 50 mill for Modric give me a break. Good player, but really is nothing to special. Tottenham are making out as bandits on the deal.

  13. Alonso and Ozil are untouchable. Khedira is on the way out or is going to be relegated to the bench. Sahin is sure to be sold, as is Kaka.

    Khedira has not been a great player for Madrid and has never really solidified his spot.

  14. The Sami Khedira-to-Bayern plot thickens. We had the story earlier in the week that Bayern wants Khedira, but Madrid insisting on Schweinsteiger in return. This is all starting to make more sense. The Khedira to Bayern story still has not been reported in the German press, as far as I can tell, which is really strange, to say the least. In the meantime, the German press which in recent years has basically had a no criticism allowed policy for Schweini, has taking off the gloves and has been highly critical the past week of his performances this past season and lack of Bayern and national team leadership. I would not be surprised to see Scwheinsteiger leaving this summer, especially after Bayern earlier this week fired their sporting director and brought in Matthias Sammer, who already is shaking things up.

  15. I wouldn’t say he is a deep lying midfielder, especially when he was playing with Parker. He is overrated in my opinion, but I also think his skills will play better in La Liga where possession play is more embraced. But as others point out, he is in for quiet a task to crack the starting lineup. I can’t see him being much more than a squad rotation player for RM.

  16. or do you have an embarrassment of riches in attacking midfield, have Modric and Ozil fight it out in training, and then bring on off the bench whoever loses out in place of Khedira in make or break situations?

  17. I’d imagine Modric and Khedira will split time alongside Alonso, with Ozil playing ahead of them underneath Benzema and flanked by Ronaldo and di Maria.


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