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Gonzalez activated from disabled list

Omar Gonzalez (Reuters)

The next step in Omar Gonzalez's recovery from a torn ACL is complete.

A day after testing his recovered left knee by playing 45 minutes in a scrimmage with the Los Angeles Galaxy's reserve squad, Gonzalez was activated from the disabled list by the club. Gonzalez is now eligible to make his season debut on Wednesday at the Home Depot Center against the Philadelphia Union.

While it is all but certain that Gonzalez will not start versus the Union, him being activated is the latest bit of good news for a player that was originally expected to be out of action for seven to nine months and for a team still trying to recover from a slow start.

What do you think of Gonzalez being activated? Think he'll dress for the Union match? Do you see him coming off the bench, or is it too soon?

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  1. agree about the playoffs last year, good call

    will he help to transform the Galaxy? Maybe you are right, I hope so, but no reason to rush him back at all. train with the team and prepare with the team to get his timing back within the team

    Galaxy need to make the playoffs with a healthy Gonzo rising, not rushed back to soon and missing, my opinion

    no panic rush to expose him. we’ll see

  2. I have had this feeling that the Galaxy will transform back after Omar returns. I the playoffs last year he seemed the most dominant player on the field. The true differance maker.

  3. Yeah…Cameron not so much. He’s underwhelmed. Look forward to seeing Omar 6’5″ with George 6’4″ in the back. Beastly.

  4. As a sports medicine fellowship trained surgeon, a 6 month rehab after an ACL reconstruction in an elite level athlete like that is quite aggressive. Not unheard of, but very aggressive.

  5. No way.. how can he possibly be ready?? I’m so glad he’s making progress but I am really surprised by this news. Was not expecting him back for another couple of months at least


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