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Hackworth shoots down Adu trade rumors

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Philadelphia Union head coach John Hackworth took some time out from helping coach the MLS All-Star Team to address some internet rumors making the rounds that had the Union dealing Freddy Adu.

Adu's absence from Philadelphia's 2-0 loss to New York, and the Union's subsequent refusal to provide details as to why he was absent (saying only that it was an internal matter) helped spark some imaginations and led to the creation of some internet trade rumors, with the most popular being that the Union was going to trade Adu to FC Dallas for Brek Shea, who is out of favor in Dallas after a very public blow-up with head coach Schellas Hyndman.

"Lot of rumors, but nothing to it," Hackworth said on Monday. "Not trading Freddy. Nope. Not at all."

As for Philadelphia's potential interest in Shea, who was kept out of FC Dallas' 5-0 win against Portland last Saturday?

"Haven't even had a conversation or consideration in any way, shape or form," Hackworth said.


  1. First the awful Nowak and now Hackworth. Why can’t this kid get a break. It’s not like their midfield cant use the help….

  2. I’m not impressed with Shea. Maybe it’s the hair, but if Philly lost Adu that would be a HUGE hole to fill, and Shea is not the type of player to swap into that role.

    If Adu were to be traded now that he’s FINALLY getting some momentum going with a club that would be HORRIBLE, not just for Philly, but for him. I’m really hoping that this is all just rumor, not just cause I’m a Philly fan but because Adu needs a change of scene right now like he needs a hole in the head.

    What Adu needs right now is to be “boring” for a while. No trades, no headlines, no twitter-gates… Just put in a solid season (maybe two) with regular performances as a legitimate impact player week in and week out. Adu would then have what he has yet to really ever establish thus far in his career–a record of consistent performances that that he can point to while shopping his wares to a bigger club. Up until now he’s only ever been potential and flashed of what he could be. This season we’re finally seeing what he’s capable of week in and week out.

    This guy still has about 10 years in him provided he doesn’t get seriously hurt. he’s got all the time in the world to wheel and deal with a bigger club and for a bigger payday. Now is the time to shut up and play. I just hope someone in his circle has the good sense to tell him this.

  3. +1

    The haters always have something negative to say about Freddy. He’s one of the few players in the MLS that actually have above-average ball skill & passing ability

  4. mike and ikes and rolos – kinda funny because thats random candies from back in the day

    next would be jolly ranchers

    but then again “esteban” could be a mexican guy and thats why he got jokes

  5. Wowsers that sounds as it could happen adu and Shea to Cosmos 🙂
    but if shea is trade then send him to to chicago or philly and adu toto san jose or even rsl . But In reality i picture cosmos of NASL to go after oldies who can still play like raul or drogba , anelka after they play in Asia or middle east plus adding some young good talent that would be good enough for Cosmos of Nasl

  6. Thanks for the salary cap explanation/correction. I found the salaries/compensation at the players’ union website.

  7. This would be a ridiculously bad trade for Dallas. Shea was MVP-caliber last year and fantastic the year before, he’s younger than Adu, and his stock will recover.

    I like Freddy, but, none of those things are true for him. This would be a short-sighted, emotional trade.

  8. Shea is not out of Favor! He got mad that he got subbed and made comments to the coach. The coach sat him for a practice and a game which FCD won easily without him. I would expect him back saturday for the Galaxy game. He is having a bad season and just needs to get things turned around. People are making to big of a deal about this.

  9. I don’t think so. This is from

    “Designated Players based overseas who are 20 years of age or younger for a budget charge of only $150,000, while Designated Players between the ages of 21 and 23 will count just $200,000 against a team’s salary budget”

    Brek is 22, and Adu is 23, so I think they both fall into the $200k dp catergory this year (brek would have 1 more year in that bracket).

    I have no idea what their actual salary is though

  10. Please, please, please let this be true. He’s a mediocre player with a very high salary and Brek Shea would be a very nice addition.

    Shea only counts $150k vs. the salary cap (young dp rule) and compensation is about &350k, no? Adu’s compensation = $510k or so and he counts $350k against the cap.

    Actually now that I’m thinking about it, trading Adu for a box of Mike & Ike’s would even be a pretty solid deal. I’d even consider Adu for a few bags of Swedish Fish too. No dice on the Good ‘n’ Plenty though.


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