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Impact dismantle Red Bulls at Stade Saputo

  ImpactRedBulls (Getty)

The Montreal Impact continue their Jeckyll and Hyde ways, looking terrible on the road but extremely solid at home.

The Impact were at home in Montreal on Saturday night and tore apart a New York Red Bulls defense that came in on a strong run of form. You wouldn't know it on Saturday as the Impact rolled to a 3-1 victory.

After a scoreless first half, Italian striker Marco DiVaio opened his account for Montreal, scoring the opening goal of the match in the 48th minute with a low strike from the edge of the penalty area.

The Impact made it a habit of picking on Red Bulls right back Jan Gunnar Solli, who struggled mightily all night. Davy Arnaud made it 2-0 just two minutes after DiVaio's goal, racing onto a Felipe Martins pass, beating the New York offside trap before slotting home a shot past Red Bulls goalkeeper Bill Gaudette. On the replay, it is clear that Solli was the player who kept Arnaud onside.

Martins added his third assist of the night when he found a wide open Sanna Nyassi in the left wing. With Solli nowhere to be found, Nyassi had all day to line up a shot for the insurance goal that helped Montreal seal the victory.

Italian defender Alessandro Nesta made his first MLS start for the Impact and enjoyed a quality debut.

What did you think of the match? See the Impact making a playoff push? Think the Red Bulls showed some signs of vulnerability, or think they just missed Brandon Barklage and Heath Pearce?

Share your thoughts below (Match Highlights coming shortly).


  1. It’s hard to beat any team three times in any sport. If this was some stupid cup like the Atlantic Cup RBNY would have won 8-6. All a matter of perspective. If you look for something you will find it.

  2. Kudos to Montreal. Nice win. But, Solli, my god. What a horrible game. At fault in part for all three goals. And the morning after his defensive debacle, RBNY puts a video up on its site showing him mixing a record at the studio. Bad timing. NY misses Barklage and Pearce. And I thought Rafa was healthy and training well. Where was he? Didn’t even dress. And has to be said, Lindpere has faded. Love the guy, but he’s had a poor season. Better to forget this one, bring Cahill in. Find some consistency and chemistry. In the end, won’t matter though: SJ is gonna win it all. Everything going their way.

  3. Credit Montreal defense, especially Nesta and Rivas, for an excellent game. I thought Solli really struggled this evening; he’s a great guy but this was not his best night.

  4. 38 points is not bad, no Barlage,Pearce, nor Cahill. So please, Montreal played very good, they going to be tough at home.

  5. Quality game and many quality players out there. As a Juventus supporter it was nice to see quality Serie A players out there contribute. Del Piero may be next…..Cheers

  6. this score probably had more to do with a solid cb in Nesta back there. i bet ricketts loves having someone who knows how to play.


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