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MLS Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


Two games are already in the books on a busy day around MLS, but a full night of action still awaits. In the headlining matches of the night, the Houston Dynamo host Sporting Kansas City in a rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference final; the Los Angeles Galaxy head to Vancouver to take on the Whitecaps in a meeting between a pair of teams in playoff position out west; and San Jose returns to action after a 5-0 thrashing of Real Salt Lake by taking on FC Dallas. 

Summer friendly season gets underway as well, with Seattle welcoming UEFA Champions League winner Chelsea to CenturyLink Field and the Philadelphia Union taking on Eric Lichaj, Brad Guzan and Aston Villa.

Here is the viewing schedule for the night's matches:

7 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids

7:30 p.m. – Not televised – Philadelphia Union vs. Aston Villa

8 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick/TSN2 – Montreal Impact vs. New England Revolution

8:30 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Houston Dynamo vs. Sporting Kansas City

9:30 p.m. – ESPN2/ – Seattle Sounders vs. Chelsea

10 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/Live – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

11 p.m. – NBC Sports Network – San Jose Earthquakes vs. FC Dallas

If you will be watching any of Wednesday night's games, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. It’s the MLS inferiority complex perspective.

    Our goals are undeserved because we couldn’t create them and only scored when they made mistakes, but they are awesome for ruthlessly capitalizing on our mistakes (which show how bad we are).

  2. I agree. He is worth a shot as he is looking incredibly sharp, but perhaps more important, he once again is looking VERY confident every time he steps out on the field

  3. eff off garth. there was nothing impressive about the 2 deflected goals chelsea scored on seattle either. one the GK had and the other wasnt even on frame. take a second to ease of your bull headed idiotic euro fanboy bias and think for a second. okay seattles goal was gifted as well. so lets agree a 2-1 scoreline for chelsea would be a fair scoreline.

  4. Okay, I understand how it works … Seattle scores off a Chelsea miscue and there is no credit to Seattle, but when Chelsea scores off Seattle miscues its all credit to Chelsea. That makes sense from either the “I love Chelsea” or “I hate Seattle” perspectives.

  5. There’s something about Eddie Johnson’s game lately that makes me want to see him with the Nat’s just one more time, maybe a friendly. There’s something more aggressive about him. I am no fan of his and the memory of his past limp performances (pass back Eddie) till linger…and burn, but I dunno, why the heck not?

  6. That’s the beauty of the game, we’ll get out of it what we want, I guess. But to suggest Seattle didn’t respond, favorably and impressively after being 2-0 down is, in my opinion, biased. I think they stepped it up a bit and met Chelsea at the tackle and moved the ball on them. Seattle built the attack and didn’t “heave and run” on their counters. But that’s the way I see it, anyways.

  7. Honestly, there was nothing impressive about Chelsea’s CB passing the ball directly to Montero.

    The second goal you can argue was scrappy, but otherwise Chelsea has absolutely dominated Seattle.

  8. At the end of the day the score means absolutely nothing and I think in a game like this to judge by the score only misses the point. Yes the UCL champs are up 4-2 doing what they do best, punishing mistakes and weakness. But to focus on the score only misses the point that seattle fought back from 2 down and in impressive fashion. They were knocking the ball around and even taking Chelsea on. I mean even Eddie Johnson is taking on guys and turning Farrera. Impressive stuff.

    The play is impressive and Seattle is playing with these guys, it’s just the MLS level mistakes are being punished at Prem level effectiveness and ruthlessness, which is to be expected.

  9. There D are no world beaters but it’s the midfield – Rosales I am looking square at you, sir – who have exposed them big time. In MLS those turnovers don’t get punished but against the speed, power and talent that’s out there right now is making them pay in three or less passes.

  10. Jeff Parke and Rosales are crapping the bed in spectacular fashion. Parke is just getting manhandled by the kind of class he does not see day in and day out, and Rosales has been caught and punished for showboating (or the attempt thereof) against the UCL champions.

    Fun game though.

  11. Okay, so when does Di Matteo tell his players to stop scoring? 5-0? At their current scoring rate, Chelsea will have 8 goals by half time and 16 to end the game.

  12. No it doesn’t I actually live in dc now and can’t stand United.. I just wanted to see this game. What’s the point of having these games if only people in attendance can see them? I my favorite teams are sporting and union post Novak. I like the style those two teams play

  13. As a Revs fan, I hope that Montreal-New England could become a rivalry. Would be fairly easy considering how much I hate their hockey team.

  14. Just few years back $25 got you every game in the league that was being broadcast (which, ok, may have only been 75%) with no blackouts. Now it’s $60 and you can’t watch half of the games due to black outs. Really makes me want to be a pirate….

  15. I wish there was a little more clarity to Blackout restrictions on MLS Live. Search me why a bored guy in Salt Lake is in blackout status for a Colorado vs. TFC game. “Local Listings” my a$$


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