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Monday Kickoff: France hires Deschamps, Terry’s trial begins, & more

Didier Deschamps (Getty Images)


The man who last led France to international glory as a player is now in charge of doing the same as a coach.

Former France captain Didier Deschamps was hired as manager of Les Bleus on Sunday, agreeing to a deal that will see him take charge of one of the more troubled sides in international soccer. Deschamps recently left his post at Marseille, and he became the candidate to replace Laurent Blanc after the latter turned down a new contract offer last month.

Deschamps, who captained France to its only World Cup title in 1998, will have little time to prepare his new team. He has one friendly against Uruguay in August and then World Cup qualifying starts for Les Bleus in September with Group I matches against Finland and Belarus.

Here are more stories to help get your day going:


John Terry's trial over the alleged racist remarks he launched at Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand is underway. The trial that began on Monday will determine if Terry racially abused Ferdinand in Chelsea's match with QPR last October. If convicted, Terry would have to pay a fine worth approximately $3,869.


After four years, Seydou Keita is on his way out at Barcelona. The 32-year-old Mali midfielder is leaving the club due to a reported clause in his contract that allowed him to find a new club and transfer for free should he have not started at least half of Barcelona's games the season prior. Keita, who won 14 trophies with Barcelona, has been linked with a move to Chinese outfit Dalian Aerbin.


If Great Britain is to come out victorious in this summer's Olympics, Ryans Giggs will be the man to lead them. Giggs, one of the three overage players for Great Britain, was announced as captain of the team on Sunday morning. He will lead out Great Britain for the first time when they take on Brazil on July 20.


What do you think of Deschamps being hired as France's manager? Glad that the Terry racism ordeal is nearing a conclusion? Should Keita explore his options in Europe?

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  1. Gnarls,

    The Court of Public Opinion.

    John Terry can burn in hell for all I care but would you really like your actions to be judged in that forum?

    It often seems indistinguishable from what we used to call a lynch mob. You know a bunch a people acting on what we used to call gossip,innuendo and sometimes outright lies.

  2. I agree. Fine him and suspend him from the league, but criminal charges for hate speech that has no stated or implied threat to anything measurable is a slippery slope.

    Where do you draw the line over what words can be said out loud? If something slips out of my mouth in a heated moment should I be charged? If I am joking with a friend and someone else is offended am I charged? What about when my black friend calls his friend something that rhymes with ninja and I do the same?

  3. If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence in your opening sentence, you need a stronger second sentence.

  4. You’re an idiot. Giggs wasn’t picked over Giggs. It has been know for months that two of the overage spots for gb would be taken by Giggs and Bellamy would be going. The third spot was up in the air, but most thought it belonged to Beckham. Instead Micah Richards got the spot which is somewhat controversial seeing as it was only a few weeks ago he refused to be on the standby list. On top of that, Giggs sort of plays in one of the two best leagues in the world for what could be the worlds most popular team in the world. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is more qualified and deserving of being included in the Olympics than Giggsy. Your idea of Giggs taking Beckham’s spot due to European arrogance is ridiculous.

  5. sadly, i don’t think france needs a coaching change; they need wholesale replacement of some of these players. but those players happen to be some of the most skilled in europe.

  6. Court of public opinion tends to work well enough, in most cases. Dude’s lost his captaincy and his reputation and legacy are tarnished. I recognize that some do not believe that’s enough.

  7. What does society lose if someone is prosecuted? Nothing. If, however, it becomes a common occurrence to put every disagreeable person on trial, then it becomes a detriment to society. So yes, the “old slippery slope argument” rears its ugly head.

    Simply put, I don’t believe John Terry should be held legally liable for a comment he made in the heat of a game. Ban him, suspend him, fine him, but keep it out of the court of law.

  8. A while back, I penned a piece for the NYTimes blog about the best players never to appear in the World Cup finals. The list was dominated by Welsh footballers, as it’s been a more than a couple of generations since Wales had a run at it. It is great that Giggs will have this chance.

  9. “seems detrimental to society. ”

    Why? How?

    What does society lose if someone is prosecuted for publicly shouting racially abusive insults?

    The old slippery slope argument? Y’know what’s also a slippery slope? Tolerating expression of racial intolerance or other bigotry. History tells us where that can lead. Not sure if history shows terrible outcomes from prosecuting folks for publicly humiliating others with racial abuse.

  10. It would be great to see Giggs come home with a medal. After playing for Wales and not really being able to compete internationally, this would be a nice way to end his international career.

    It will be interesting to see if Deschamps can do more with this team than Blanc did. I am curious to see where Blanc will turn up next, or has he already taken a position?

  11. Yes, it is foreign, hence the location in England. Why must we always assume the American way is the right way? Britain seems to be doing well enough, and what is more “tactful” as you say, than all the “pomp and circumstance” of the British courtroom? Its far more tactful than the racism emanating from Terry’s mouth.

  12. As an American, the notion of going to trial for shouting a racial slur is completely foreign. We sgiykd abhor racism in all its forms, and it is in society’s best interest to educate the masses about the ills of racism, but to put someone on trial – real trial with solicitors, magistrates and all the pomp and circumstance of the British courtroom – for uttering a racial slur seems detrimental to society. There must be better, more tactful ways to dissuade people from using racial epithets.

  13. Deschamps being France manager is not good news for Hatem Ben Arfa. He didn’t get along with him at Marseilles, and basically went on strike to get a move to Newcastle.


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