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Must-See Goal: Terrence Boyd

Yes, it's only preseason, but U.S. national team forward Terrence Boyd's bicycle kick goal off a rebound in Rapid Vienna's friendly against Michael Bradley's AS Roma Tuesday afternoon was a thing of beauty. Not a bad way to make a good impression while hoping to earn a regular place in his new team's starting lineup. Bradley's Roma won 2-1, with Bradley playing the first half, and Boyd being subbed out after 58 minutes. Enjoy the strike:



  1. Boyd is the real deal! Don’t hate Boyd because of his strength and size. The boy got mad skill. Big men in the game like Yaya Toure, Drogba, and Ibrahimovic don’t get the props they deserve because it’s a dominated by little fellas.

  2. Boyd is the next Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Didier Drogba combined. I’m pretty sure he is going to score more goala than Messi this season.

  3. Since when has boyd been more powerful than Jozy? Jozy has an absolute rip of a shot. Look up some highlights from AZ and the USA. Its ridiculous to anoint boyd as our future striker when he still has not played in a single senior team game for his club.
    I personally think we were lacking Jozy’s ability to create goals from nothing in qualifying.

  4. You miss the point.

    Thomas was whining about why Bradley did not close down that play, when Boyd was not his man, Boyd already had a defender goalside of him and the keeper made a bad parry of that shot.

    If you can’t catch the ball, you knock it out of bounds or as far away as possible.

    You don’t do what the keeper did which was basically provide Boyd with a pass off of a corner kick.

    Bradley could do nothing about that goal.

  5. That was a swirling knuckle ball that was very tricky and low enough that putting it over the bar would have been quite tough. Put it to the wing? Possibly, but dude did a nice enough job to hit it the way he did.

  6. I guess NOBODY watched this on Youtube

    Terrence Boyd did the exact attempt earlier and it hit off the POST

    Second time was a charm

  7. Jozy’s touch has improved drastically in the last year. Watch some of his AZ games from last year. Even if you watch just his goals, you will see evidence of this. Some of his touches are absolutely sick. He has gotten really, really good at deadening the ball on his first touch. You will see. Just watch every touch he takes in his next game and you will be impressed.

  8. The keeper should have put that shot either over the bar or out towards the wing.

    Boyd had a man on him who should have gotten tight on him right away.

    After that then you can talk about what Bradley should have done.

  9. This was a preseason friendly between two clubs with a lot of new players and, in Roma’s case at least, a new manager.

    If Tebow threw two TD’s in the 4th quarter of the first pre season game would you then predict the Jets were favorites to win the Super Bowl based on that?

    Boyd did well but your reaction is just a little bit over the top.

  10. World class strike-glad to see another Nat striker making the most of his opportunity-Dortmund sellers remorse? Now or in the future?

  11. I think you are seeing what you want to see from Jozy and the same thing with Boyd.

    And other people see it differently.

    In Boyd’s appearances for the Senior USMNT he has done a pretty good impersonation of a bull in a china shop. A lot of fans love this because they think that a striker, especially big guys like Boyd, throwing themselves around is being productive.

    And of course there is a perception that Jozy is lazy so running around like a chicken with your head cut off seems preferable to standing around.

    To me Boyd is promising but could be a lot more efficient with his movement. He still needs a lot of polishing.

    It’s not really fair to compare him to Jozy.

    With the Under 23’s Boyd displayed a lot of that skill you talked about but that was the Under 23’s and performances there do not always translate directly to the Senior National team, as we have seen countless times.

    Besides you speak as if USMNT’s failure to score against the tougher teams is down to Jozy not being capable.

    For me it is a team game.

    The next time I see the USMNT create a bunch of good scoring opportunities against Spain, Brazil, Italy or Germany that Jozy screws up due to his lack of skill or because he is lazy then I will think about blaming him for the failure of the US attack.

  12. It’s a friendly in pre-season. Maybe stoked was a bad choice of word. I didn’t necessarily mean during the game either, he could have said something about it after the game.

  13. Umm….or Spain (shrugged off Capdevila to score on Casillas in a tournament semi). Or England (outmuscled Carragher for about 40 yards to fire off a good shot that Green barely saved onto the bar).

    Be fair now.


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