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Must-See Goal: Thierry Henry


  1. They did the same thing with the Portland at Chivas 1 nil Chivas borefest with a 1:00PM start time. I’m with you all. Why? Both venues were almost empty..

  2. Not a postponed game. That was the time is was scheduled for when Red Bull first put out their schedule back in January (I think it was January when the schedule came out). On all the msg boards when the schedule came out everyone looked at this match and first wondered if it was a typo, then when we were told it wasn’t we all wondered “WTF!”. Daytime game in the middle of summer is ridiculous and it’s even more ridiculous that they scheduled one on a weekday.

    Regarding the goal, sweet strike by TH, however the defense left him pretty wide open to receive that pass (not that they can be blamed after playing 70 min in that heat).

  3. Meh, I’ve scored goals similar…

    in FIFA.
    when using Henry.

    So, yea. I guess I’m a little impressed. Only a little, though.


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