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Red Bulls in talks with third DP

BackeSoler (Getty Images)


With a little more than two weeks remaining until the close of the MLS summer transfer window, the New York Red Bulls have a Designated Player in their sights.

According to head coach Hans Backe, the Red Bulls have targeted and are currently in negotiations with a potential third DP to join the likes of Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez.

"Yeah, absolutely, we are looking for that, and we are in negotiations, but that will probably take time," Backe said after Wednesday’s practice.

When asked whether the team was negotiating with a club or the player himself, Backe stated, "It’s always difficult to finish personal terms. It takes time."

One possible hint as to the type of player the team may be looking for came when discussing the status of Luke Rodgers. Though the team says they are still leaving the door open for the English striker, whose visa situation has still not been cleared up, Backe made clear the team still places the acquisition of a quality starter as a top priority. In terms of other forward options for the club, former Colorado Rapids forward Quincy Amarikwa has been on trial.

"We hope for (Rodgers), but you never know," he said. "That’s the target; to get one quality guy up front.  We trade one or we buy one from Europe, we don’t really know yet. It takes time. It’s not overnight we do these trades or buying players from Europe."

Negotiations between New York and a potential third DP will continue, and, according to the coach, there is no league interference in the team's dealings, it is just a matter of the two parties coming to an agreement.

New York has recently been linked to the likes of Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland and German star Michael Ballack, both of whom would require a DP style contract. As recently as last month, though, general manager Erik Soler stated the team would look toward a younger player for its final DP slot. 


Who do you think the Red Bulls' third DP will be? What kind of player do you think the team should be targeting?

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  1. Ideally the 3rd DP would be the creative attacking central midfielder the team has been lacking since Guevara or even Djorkaeff, as everyone and their mother (other than the actual team management apparently) has recognized… it would make perfect sense if these negotiations were with Riquelme, he fits the bill and just announced his intentions to leave Boca. I know hes pretty old now, but the guy still has it

  2. And you could probably win this and the next four before the rest of the league gives the Open Cup genuine interest.

  3. It’s hard to complain about injuries when you’ve invested so much in senior veteran players not just as leaders in the club house but as core position players. Henry, Marquez, Conde, Taino – all between 29 and 35. Ballouchi, Solli and Linpere are right up there in age with them and are also now likely being over relied on at this point.

    McCarty is a workhorse who’s a great example of being young/motivated, experienced (enough) and remains healthy. Cooper, Richards and Miller are a little older but still in their prime physical form at least.

  4. Bocanegra isn’t technically gifted, but he’s cultured and experienced enough to know to pass it off to Marquez, Ream or whomever.
    You could easily put Bocanegra in the backline, push Marquez up next to McCarty and go more 4-2-3-1 and drop Henry back behind Cooper. Henry seems to drop back anyway.
    Just my two cents.
    I don’t know if a “glamor” club like NYRB would want to spend money on two defensive DPs like Bocanegra and Marquez.

  5. Seriously! DP’s are not there regularly. I think young DP’s from South America make more sense, but they don’t sell tix as well. I’d rather have a great team and great chemistry then a team of egos and no shows. IMO.


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