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SBI Mid-Season MLS Rookie of the Year: Ryan Meara

Ryan Meara 1 (Getty Images)

If the MLS season were to end today, few could argue that New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Ryan Meara has been the top rookie of the 2012 class.

Meara has performed consistently well through the first half of his first year as a professional, avoiding the type of blunders that are associated with young goalkeepers while playing every minute for a Red Bulls team fighting for first place in the Eastern Conference. He has looked like a veteran in several games, and his composure and ability have been magnified by the constant changes across the Red Bulls' injury-plagued defense.

That is why Meara has won SBI's Mid-season MLS Rookie of the Year award. The 21-year-old goalkeeper out of Fordham continues to provide a steady presence in goal for the Red Bulls despite not having any veteran to learn from, and he looks to be one of the more promising young netminders in MLS.

Chosen as the top rookie by a vote of SBI staff members, Meara won the award ahead of Chicago Fire defender Austin Berry and D.C. United midfielder Nick DeLeon. Berry and DeLeon finished in second and third place, respectively, in SBI voting.

What do you think of Meara taking SBI's Mid-season MLS Rookie of the Year award? Agree? Expecting him to continue to play this well for the remainder of the campaign?

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  1. Without Austin Berry the Fire would be struggling in the back. He has stepped in and done a remarkable job at center back. With Gibbs out and Arne’s injuries he has been a lifesaver.

  2. Meara is the single most important change for RBNY this year — not necessarily because he’s the best player, or even the best new player, but because GK was a giant question mark and nobody could really say for sure whethr he was ready. He’s had a few sketchy moments, but many, many more times he has bailed out a very shaky (and constantly changing) back line.

  3. GK is the position that experience matters the most. Any rookie who can keep a starting spot there is doing great.

    Go back and look at Tim Howard playing for the Metros.

    Having said that, I don’t really follow other teams enough to have a reliable opinion. Except that even if Messi played for DCU and counted as a rookie, I wouldn’t vote for a player from that team.

  4. I’m not a fan of his but he hasn’t exactly been the one out there not pulling his weight on the squad. For a 21y.o. theyre getting much more than they thought they would. At midseason form he could help more than a few teams.

  5. Let me get this straight:

    The goalie of the team that’s allowed the 5th-most goals in league play is the Rookie of the Year?

    Uh, no.

    (SBI-It really isn’t close. Meara is leading the race by a good margin, and using just goals-against average to judge a goalkeeper’s value is pretty misguided.)

  6. National team struggle between Ireland and US? I think we would let Ireland have him, but maybe he’s worth one cap in garbage time.

  7. meara has a makeshift backline in front of him an has performed well above expectations. i cant think of a goal scored on him that made me say oh what a rookie mistake. is he 1 of the top netminders in the league? i think we can all agree he has a ways to go but the key toward becoming that is development through playing and hes getting that so i would say well see where his career goes!

  8. Haven’t watched Meara too closely, but Austin Berry definitely deserves the runner up position. That kid is a beast.

  9. No way. he has not been up there with the best keepers in the league. that is way overstating his case. he has done solid, especially considering how many shots he has faced and how young he is. but his numbers aren’t great either. still, it’s good for a rookie and a great way to start off his career.

  10. I like the pick. NYRB will turn a nice profit on him in 3 or 4 seasons. Performance-wise he has been right up there with the best MLS keepers this year. I like when teams are able to plug their holes with young guys who end up panning out. Hopefully this will continue in New York. I feel like it had kind of become a tough place for you players to develop and break into their 1st team.


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